Coronavirus Emilia-Romagna today’s bulletin 17 May: 342 new infections, 9 deaths

There are 342 new cases of Coronavirus positivity in Emilia-Romagna: it is the lowest daily figure recorded in 2021, albeit with a lower number of swabs (11,094 between molecular and antigenic) than usual as usually happens at the weekend. In fact, to find similar values, it is necessary to go back to mid-October (339 on 14 October).
Unfortunately, there are still 9 deaths, while there is a slight increase in hospitalized.

Coronavirus Emilia-Romagna: 9 dead

Unfortunately, there are 9 new deaths: 2 in Parma (2 men aged 83 and 85), 1 in Reggio Emilia (1 man aged 65), 1 in Bologna (1 woman aged 87), 3 in Ferrara (2 women aged 80 and 87 and 1 man aged 91) and 2 in Ravenna (2 men, both aged 81). There are no deaths in the province of Piacenza, Modena, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini. In total, 13,097 deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic.

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May 14, 2021

Coronavirus Emilia-Romagna: the hospitalized

There are 156 patients admitted to intensive care (-1 compared to yesterday), 1,062 those in the other Covid departments (+20). On the territory, patients admitted to intensive care are distributed as follows: 8 in Piacenza (+1 compared to yesterday), 13 in Parma (-1), 19 in Reggio Emilia (-1), 23 in Modena (unchanged), 48 in Bologna (unchanged), 8 in Imola (+1), 12 in Ferrara (-1), 7 in Ravenna (-1), 4 in Forlì (unchanged), 3 in Cesena (unchanged) and 11 in Rimini (+1) .

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May 17, 2021

Coronavirus Emilia-Romagna: infections in Bologna and in the other provinces

Of the newly infected, 155 are asymptomatic identified in the context of regional contact tracing and screening activities. Overall, 144 of the new positives were already in isolation at the time of swab execution, 192 were identified within known outbreaks. The average age of new positives today is 35.6 years.

Of the 155 asymptomatic, 121 were identified thanks to contact tracing, 15 through tests for the risk categories introduced by the Region, 6 through pre-hospitalization tests, 2 through serological screening. An epidemiological investigation is still ongoing for 11 cases. The contagion situation in the provinces sees Modena with 89 new cases and Bologna (73); then Reggio Emilia (43) and Rimini (27), then Parma (25), Ravenna (23) and Ferrara (18). Followed by Cesena (15), Forlì (14) and Piacenza (11) and finally the Imolese district (4). In the last 24 hours, 7,384 molecular swabs were carried out, for a total of 4,625,898. In addition to these are 3,710 quick swabs.

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May 16, 2021

As for the total number of people healed, they are 753 more than yesterday and reach 343,813. The active cases, that is the actual patients, to date are 23,008 (-420 compared to yesterday). Of these, people in isolation at home, that is, those with mild symptoms that do not require hospital treatment or are symptom-free, total 21,790 (-439), 94.7% of the total number of active cases.

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May 17, 2021

Coronavirus vaccines: 725,037 immunized in Emilia-Romagna

The progressive count of the administrations carried out can be followed in real time on the portal of the Emilia-Romagna Region dedicated to the topic which also indicates how many second doses are administered. At 3 pm a total of 2,182,139 doses were administered; out of the total, 723,802 are second doses, ie people who have completed the vaccination cycle.

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