I won Amici thanks to Sangiovanni, Giulia Stabile confesses – Il Tempo

I won Amici thanks to Sangiovanni, Giulia Stabile confesses – Il Tempo
I won Amici thanks to Sangiovanni, Giulia Stabile confesses – Il Tempo

Carmen Guadalajara

May 17, 2021

«Mamma mia what happened? I do not believe it”. Giulia Stabile is incredulous. She was sure her fiancé would win. And, instead, the cup of the twentieth edition of Amici is his. The 18-year-old Roman dancer and over a million followers on Instagram beat the superfavorite singer and boyfriend Sangiovanni in the final.

Love has triumphed, the pure, adolescent one. The Sangio one who hand in hand until the end, applauds as she raised the cup, smiling. The dancer won the prize worth 150 thousand euros in gold tokens (in addition to the Tim Prize of 30 thousand euros ed.), bringing dance back to the podium after three editions in which the singers triumphed but above all the first female dancer to win: «Mom, what happened? I can’t believe it, that stuff, “she commented amidst laughter, wrapped in a cascade of golden petals.

“When I approached her, I found a girl with a lot of insecurities – says Sangiovanni – problems with herself, she always tried to be beautiful, different, without knowing that she was already different and already beautiful as she was, and she didn’t need to be more beautiful or anyone else. I am a supporter of natural beauty and above all of diversity, I believe that everyone has something inside that distinguishes them from all the others, and that Giulia has it, and it is very evident, and she is beautiful ».

Giulia lives in the capital, in the Monte Mario district, with her Spanish mother and father. Her story is about a girl who suffered a lot from the bullying of her classmates who teased her about her teeth and her way of being a child. Giulia, however, has a strength and a maturity to admire. She has been dancing since she was little. He attended the Human Sciences High School of the Sacred Hearts and discovered his passion for dance at the age of 3 with the Boccellato Rossi Academy in Rome. He had already made his TV debut with “I leave you a song”, hosted by Antonella Clerici. He joins Amici since the beginning of the season, in November, dancing “TKN” by Rosalia and Travis Scott. “With the victory of Giulia, a talent wins but above all simplicity and this unites us – continues her coach Veronica Peparini – It is a good example for everyone is above all the hope that in addition to being prepared you must be yourself”.

Giulia, in fact, within the school, has made a path of professional growth, but also emotional, managing to dissect the reason for her insecurities also thanks to her relationship with Sangiovanni and since then she has never stopped dancing. «I am determined, forgetful, talkative, sensitive, good – she says in the aftermath of the victory – I started to accept myself a lot with Amici, there continues to be some insecurity but I think it is normal, that it is like this for everyone. From an appearance point of view, the fact that I can look in the mirror without makeup is a positive thing for me, since I didn’t even have the courage before. Then there is Sangiovanni who compliments me and makes me sure ». Do not forget his “Mary”, Maria De Filippi. She is serious, calm and affectionate: for a boy far from home, perhaps a little in difficulty, Maria is a certainty. There is always”.

A deep love for dance. “I was not born with talent but with passion, yes.” A tattoo on the right forearm confirms that passion: the inscription «… 5,6,7,8», that is the count of the dance steps. Then there is a special family that of Giulia with an “overprotective” father and an affectionate mother “even more than me”. «She had never fallen in love because she only thought about dancing – explains her mother – In her life there was no time for boys. I am happy that, finally, in a protected environment such as that of the Amici school, the moment of love has come for her too. When my husband saw that they were sharing their first kiss, he stopped talking. ” «After” Amici “things will change. From tomorrow – concludes Giulia – I will miss being able to perform in front of an audience knowing that the eyes of the people at that moment are on me and I can make someone happy. For a dancer it is not something that happens so often ».

Giulia triumphs, love and mind-boggling ratings for this final which recorded 6,667,000 spectators and a 33.5% share. Queen Mary is a certainty and in spite of everything she confesses: «Forgive me if I have been clumsy. I apologize to those who work with me, but sometimes fatigue does it ». Yet the most prominent school on TV is already on its 21st edition (registrations for the casting have already started) and the format does not move back an inch.

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