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Sal wines flies to Orban, pact for a new right

AGI – Pact between Matteo Salvini, Viktor Orban and Mateusz Morawiecki to form the “nucleus” that will give life in the long term to a new right for a “European renaissance”. The Northern League secretary meets the two premieres, Hungarian and Polish, in Budapest, the “first step”, explains Orban, of a path that will lead to the construction of an “alternative” to the left, with which the European Popolari are “allied”, he complains . The next meeting will be in Warsaw, League sources anticipate, and the following one in Rome, if the conditions of the pandemic allow it. But it is still too early to say whether the “path” started today will give life to a new group in the European Parliament, as Salvini would like. The head of the League aims at the fusion of Identity and Democracy, where in Strasbourg the former lumbards sit together with the Rassemblement national of Marine Le Pen, and the Conservatives and reformists (Ecr), co-chaired by the party of Morawiecki, Law and Justice, and by Brothers of Italy by Giorgia Meloni. “Matteo hero of migratory flows” Today’s conversation follows the controversial exit of Fidesz, Orban’s party, from the EPP (of which Salvini’s other ally in Italy, Antonio Tajani of FI, is vice president). In search of a new position in Strasbourg, the head of the Hungarian government welds the axis with his friend Salvini, praised, at the press conference, as a “hero” for his management of the migratory phenomenon during the months at the Viminale. “We need to lay the foundations for a new Europe. I really like Matteo Salvini’s idea of ​​a European renaissance. Let’s talk about values ​​to build the future”, says the Polish Prime Minister. In Morawiecki’s statements, however, there are no references to the formation of a new maxi right-wing group. “There does not seem to be a change in the structure of the groups on the agenda”, comments from FdI. “From today’s meeting came the confirmation that Ecr does not dissolve, does not merge, and that the horizon of the Poles remains, as well as ours”, he adds. The three leaders meet for about an hour and a half in the Carmelite monastery, the seat of the Hungarian government. Salvini in the evening then takes part in a dinner offered by Orban. “Today’s meeting is the first stage of a long journey,” Orban announced in a statement to the press. “We talked about our values ​​and our Atlanticist commitment. We represent the values ​​of the traditional family and we take sides against communism, against anti-Semitism, against illegal immigration. We will meet again in May – he reports -. It will depend on the pandemic. we will probably see each other in Warsaw and then also in Rome. The right has no extremists and we will demonstrate it. We will gather strength in favor of freedom “. “We want a European Renaissance” “We want a European Renaissance. There is no issue on which we disagree. Our position on Europe is this: there are millions of citizens without political representation, having the EPP chosen to take sides by cooperating with the left – he stigmatizes -. The Christian Democrats have no representation and we work to give them a voice “. “It is a path that begins today and will continue in various European capitals, expanding the group. In the European Parliament there is the predominance of the left, which questions the family”, echoes Salvini. “We propose ourselves as the historical nucleus of an alternative to this left that questions the roots of Europe with the aim of being the first in Europe in terms of representation. It is a process of construction, on the issues of health, work, family, well-being and freedoms “. “We discussed issues that will have to return to being central: the European Union, when in its constitutive charter it denied its Jewish-Christian roots, was wrong at the start”, adds the Northern League secretary, underlining how the meeting took place ” Holy thursday”. “We are working to ensure that the peoples of Europe come out of their darkest, darkest period, from the post-war period to today, putting hope, family, work, rights and freedoms at the center”, he continues. It is necessary, he insists, “to fight to get out of an epidemic that has shown the inefficiency of the current European elites. After the drama there can be a renaissance, a resurrection”. “As the first Italian party and, for a few days, a member of the government we dream of a Europe that does few things and does them well without using the weapon of blackmail”, he concludes. “We are asking for more Europe, in terms of defense of borders, of life, we must create a common European force that defends the borders of Europe. There are great challenges, there is an Islamism at the gates that must find a barrier in European values . We hope to represent the majority of Europe that is beautiful, supportive, generous, welcoming and happy “. “I would steal the right to happiness from the American Constitution: talking about it today is a duty to have hope. We are here not to destroy but to build something more beautiful and fairer. This is a historic day, a journey begins”.

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