USA, loses 500,000 euros in bitcoins by downloading an Apple-certified app

USA, loses 500,000 euros in bitcoins by downloading an Apple-certified app
USA, loses 500,000 euros in bitcoins by downloading an Apple-certified app

The Cupertino giant himself would have been duped by the developers of the app who, after obtaining the classification, turned it into a tool to scam unsuspecting users.

By installing a certified application on their iPhone, an American citizen lost the equivalent of over 500,000 euros in bitcoin. The victim, interviewed by the Washington Post, wanted to express all his disappointment towards Apple which, according to him, would have “betrayed his trust”.

“Apple does not deserve to get away with it”, is the criticism launched by Phillipe Christodoulou.

On February 1st, wanting to know the bitcoin balance stored in his Trezor wallet, the man downloaded a certified app from the App Store with the company name, colors and logo.

In reality, once downloaded, Christodoulou realized that the app was a fake and that in the meantime all his savings, 17.1 bitcoins, were gone.

In addition to condemning the developer for this bogus application, Mr. Christodoulou blamed some of the blame on Apple, which in his view would not guarantee the security of its application store.

No sign had warned him of a possible scam. In addition to certification, the app has been downloaded over 1,000 times for a rating of nearly five stars. Valuations that were likely bought, the Washington Post says.

Apple Store security in doubt

The victim of this scam specified that no signal had warned him of the possible risks associated with downloading the app. On the contrary, in addition to the certification, the latter had a good number of positive feedbacks, with five-star ratings (probably bought).

Apple, for its part, has assured that the Apple Store is the safest app store in the world and that there is constant work to maintain this level of security.

“User trust is at the heart of why we created the App Store and we have only strengthened that commitment since. Several studies have shown that the App Store is the safest in the world and we are constantly working to maintain this standard and to strengthen. further protections. In limited cases where criminals defraud our users, we take swift action against these actors and to prevent similar violations in the future, “a company spokesperson said.

In particular, the Cupertino-based company said it removed about 6,500 applications that had “hidden or undocumented functions” last year alone and stated that it is also for this security requirement that 15-30% of the store’s transactions goes to the Apple brand.

As it turns out, Trezor’s fake app managed to scam Apple itself, since the program was supposed to be dedicated to encrypting data related to cryptocurrencies.

Once certified, however, the app was turned into a tool to scam users, without Apple noticing.

Following the incident, as reported by the Washington Post, the scammer’s account was closed, but it was not possible to recover the 17 bitcoins lost by the victim.

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