Covid, curfew immediately at 11pm. Here is the road map of the openings, from June 1st we will have dinner indoors – Politics

The road map that emerged in the control room chaired by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, according to government sources, was unanimously approved. The choice is to focus on the gradualness of the measures, also to understand which are the activities that most affect the increase in infections. This is what Prime Minister Mario Draghi would have explained during the control room on Covid, presenting its proposal on reopening.

Satisfaction with the proposal of Prime Minister Draghi, who draws a gradual path on reopening, based on scientific evidence. This is the position expressed by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza, but also by the leader of the League Matteo Salvini and by the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta. Voice out of the chorus that of Giorgia Meloni. “The Draghi government once again rejects the proposal by the Brothers of Italy to immediately and completely abolish the curfew. There is little to rejoice in the executive’s choice to limit itself to just loosening the leash that tightened around the neck. of Italians. An extra hour or two of air granted to Italians does not lighten the gravity of such an arbitrary and liberticidal measure, which is bringing entire sectors to their knees and creating irreparable damage to leading sectors such as tourism “. The president of Fratelli d’Italia writes it on Facebook.

The CDM unanimously approved the decree on reopening which “presumably will already be in the Official Gazette tomorrow”. The head of delegation M5S Stefano Patuanelli says this after the Council of Ministers who gave the green light to the decree which, among other things, immediately moves the curfew to 11 pm.

COPRIFUOCO – Curfew moved to 11 pm tightly. Then from 7 June, the curfew starts at 24. According to government sources, this is the proposal that Prime Minister Mario Draghi has placed on the table in the control room which is still in progress. From 21 June, according to the same proposal, there would be the total overcoming of the curfew. It goes, according to what is learned from government sources, towards an ad hoc derogation on the curfew for the final of the Coppa Italia Atalanta-Juventus, scheduled for Wednesday 19 May at 21:00.

RESTAURANTS – From 1 June restaurants and bars will be open for lunch and dinner even indoors. According to what is learned from various government sources, this orientation emerged from the control room on Covid at Palazzo Chigi.

WEDDINGS – Weddings can start again from June 15th, but with the “green pass”, namely vaccination or swab certification, for the participants. It is learned at the end of the control room on Covid at Palazzo Chigi.

REGIONSFrom 1 June Friuli Venezia Giulia, Molise and Sardinia will be the white zone. And, with this trend of contagions, from 7 June also Abruzzo, Veneto and Liguria will enter the white zone. In the regions in the white zone, only the rules of behavior (mask, distances) apply. There is no curfew

GYMS AND SWIMMING POOLS- Opening of the gyms on May 24th, that of the indoor swimming pools on July 1st. This is what is foreseen, we learn from government sources, the road map decided by the control room on reopening. According to the same schedule, the opening of the theme parks is scheduled for 15 June.

SHOPPING CENTERS AND MARKETS- The commercial establishments in markets and shopping centers, galleries and commercial parks on holidays and pre-holidays will reopen from 22 May, in the first weekend following the Covid decree law. According to sources in Palazzo Chigi, this is the proposal for entry into the CDM.

SPORTS EVENTSE – The presence of the public, according to sources of Palazzo Chigi at the end of the control room, is authorized for all sports events and competitions by the 1 June outdoors and from 1 July indoors within the limits already set (capacity not exceeding 25% of the maximum and in any case not exceeding 1000 people outdoors and 500 indoors), and no longer limited to competitions of national interest.

CASINO’– The road map decided in the control room, according to sources of Palazzo Chigi, foresees the reopening from 1 July of the activities of amusement arcades, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos

DISCOS– Activities in dance halls, discos and the like, outdoors or indoors, remain suspended. This is what we learn from sources in Palazzo Chigi at the end of the control room on Covid. “It is enough to be treated like greasers, we deserve respect. It reopens everything except discos, it’s a shameful and intolerable thing: and do not come and tell us that we are the cause of the resumption of infections, because it is not true. There are hundreds of families who no longer know how to take the loaf home. So far we have always been good, now we are thinking of sensational actions. “He is furious Gianni Indino, president of Silb, the union of dance clubs in Emilia-Romagna, for the failure to indicate a reopening date for the discos, both outdoors and indoors. “I am ashamed of living in a country that does not take into due consideration all workers and all companies in the same way. We have always wanted to seek a shared solution, but in this way we are not given even a hope. But we deserve respect and we are not more willing to suffer “he concluded.

SKILIFTSThe mountain lifts will reopen from 22 May, under the conditions indicated in the guidelines. This is what sources of Palazzo Chigi make known, at the end of the control room on Covid.

THE COLOR PARAMETERS CHANGEThe parameters of the red, orange and yellow zones change: driving will no longer be the RT but the incidence and another strong factor is the hospitalization rate, both in intensive care and in the medical area. This is what emerges from the control room on Covid at Palazzo Chigi. A radical simplification arrives – explain government sources – of the previous 21 criteria, which drop to 12. A possible new scheme of the validity parameters of the Green Pass for those who have made the vaccine. In particular, there are two parameters that can be modified: the expiry, six months after the vaccine, of the pass (which could be extended) and the evaluation of obtaining the pass already with a first dose of vaccine. In this regard, experts were asked to carry out medical investigations. There is also a commitment to move in any case in coordination with the parameters decided at EU level.

TRAINING COURSESTraining courses will resume in attendance from 1 July, public and private. This is what sources of Palazzi Chigi announce at the end of the Covid control room.

I think we will go in a direction that will take into account the improvement. So, I think so. I don’t know exactly what the balance point will be, but it will certainly be in the direction of easing measures“, said the Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, when asked about the possibility that today, in the control room of the government, the restrictions related to Covid will be relaxed.

The support decree-bis, which could see the light in a Council of Ministers between Wednesday and Thursday. Before completing it, in fact, Draghi wants to understand what and how much it will be able to reopen in Italy. And on this basis, the numbers of refreshment points could significantly change. The hope, in the government, is that next week will be the last support decree. The objective, in fact, is to proceed with a progressive reopening between now and the end of June.

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