blitz in the market square, 5 arrests

blitz in the market square, 5 arrests
blitz in the market square, 5 arrests

The attention of the Carabinieri remains high on the front of the contrast of drug dealing, in Tor Bella Monaca, the scene in recent days also of a serious crime in the course of which a man involved in the past in various drug investigations was injured .
Also yesterday, in via dell’Archeologia, a few steps away from where the gunshots were fired last March 30, the Carabinieri of the Tor Bella Monaca Station of Rome carried out a blitz which, in one stroke, allowed to arrest, in flagrancy, 5 people, perfectly coordinated with each other, both in the management of “customers” and in the roles that each of them covered in the business of dealing. A perfectly oiled and organized system to evade the controls of the police. Among them there is therefore the lookout, who supplied the doses to be delivered, who physically dealt them and who, finally, received the money.

53 doses of cocaine

A 26-year-old Roman, already with precedents, found in possession of 53 doses of cocaine for a total weight of 25.2 g and 40 euros, considered the proceeds of the sale, ended up in handcuffs; a 19-year-old Roman, with a clean record, found in possession of 29 doses of cocaine for a total weight of 18.1 g and 160 euros, deemed to be the proceeds of the illegal activity; a 20-year-old, a 55-year-old Roman and a 66-year-old Egyptian, all with precedents, caught giving a dose to a 45-year-old man and found in possession of 300 euros. All the recovered drugs were seized. The 5 arrested were arrested and held in the barracks pending the very direct rite.
For the man who was buying the drug, a Roman employee, the report was sent to the Prefecture.

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