M5s Assembly, Conte: “I’m here to re-found and regenerate the Movement” | “It will be welcoming, but uncompromising”

“Refounding – Conte specified – does not mean denying, but it must be a work that enhances the experience gained and that projects the M5S into a force capable of presenting a new development model. A development model that creates effective conditions for fair and sustainable well-being, which combines the energy transition underway to reduce the many inequalities In recent weeks I have worked out some proposals on which we will discuss. After the Easter break we will schedule a series of meetings to collect your suggestions, before sharing the final project “.

“Movimento has revived moral values ​​and honesty” “The Movement has written important pages in the most recent Italian political history. If you all look back you can be proud and proud of having kept your promises”, explained the former prime minister opening his speech. “There are mistakes and naivety, those who do not commit them, but they do not obscure the battles for a more livable, green, fair and supportive Italy. You have revived moral values ​​and honesty”.

“I propose a charter of principles and values ​​and a new Statute” “I will propose a charter of principles and values, so that those who want to join this new political force have no doubts about their identity”, said Conte. In the Movement, he specified, “we must start from 2 solid points: a proposal that defines a clear political identity and a proposal to equip the M5s with organizational rationality, involving the various territorial organizations and civil society in a stable way”. “I will propose a new Statute that does not deny the ‘light’ strengths of a Movement but that at the same time can carry out all the organizational strength we need and that helps us to clearly define the political line and to be more incisive” .

“Direct digital democracy remains a fixed point” Among the commitments that the 5-star Movement of the future must undertake is that of pushing for “measures to improve the quality of the representative system but also to strengthen direct democracy in which citizens are involved”. “Digital democracy, with the members called to decide on the fundamental steps, will also remain a fundamental element of my Movement”, promised the leader in pectore of the M5s.

“We will have rules to avoid internal currents” For Conte, the Movement will have to “avoid the traditional party form, we will have strict rules that will oppose the formation of internal currents that inevitably end up crystallizing spheres of influence and positions of power. We do not need various associations, let’s live the new commitment entirely in the new Movement”. “There will be a department – he said – that will deal full-time with foreign parties, we will have a permanent training center”.

“Well ‘one is worth one’, but whoever represents the M5s is capable” “The new M5s will have to be welcoming, I ask you to throw your heart forward, not to fear channels of communication with citizens. But it will be uncompromising, because this inclusion should never lead us to negotiate our principles. We will have to get rid of some misunderstandings. , for example, the ‘one is worth one’ rule, which is the foundation of democracy. But when it comes to designating the representative of the people in a position of public prominence, we need first of all honest people but also with specific skills and I add capable “.

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