White zone Friuli, Sardinia and Molise? Numbers ok (but the government decides). They hope Liguria, Veneto and Abruzzo

The pandemic in Italy slows down. The data on infections are constantly improving and there are those who are already beginning to hope for white area. The data to be taken into consideration is theweekly incidence, that is the number of cases per 100 thousand inhabitants. The numbers at a national level are generally reassuring, but three Regions record significant data: Friuli, Sardinia and Molise have an incidence of less than 50. This is a white zone level, which – according to the laws in force – would start in the third consecutive week with these numbers. In any case, the decision will be up to the government.

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Friuli, Sardinia and Molise have had such a low incidence for two weeks and, most likely, they will have to wait at least another 7 days before they can pass into the “zone” with the fewest anti-contagion restrictions. Three other regions are in the wake, Liguria (50), Veneto (55) e Abruzzo (56), and are running for the white zone in the coming weeks. Taking into consideration the data of the week just ended, there are 16 Regions and two autonomous Provinces are below the threshold of 100. All data which, in any case, will have to pass through the indications of the Control Room (which takes into consideration the from Friday to Thursday) and the reform of the indicators.

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White zone Friuli Sardinia Molise Numbers government decides hope Liguria Veneto Abruzzo

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