‘I would also do it with Tommaso Zorzi’

‘I would also do it with Tommaso Zorzi’
‘I would also do it with Tommaso Zorzi’

Giulia Salemi broke the delay and went back to talking without brakes about the relationship with Tommaso Zorzi.

It’s a fantastic time for the web influencer, Giulia Salemi, who has met the most beautiful love that can be experienced and which he hopes will be lasting. The reference is all for the beloved, Pierpaolo Petrelli with whom she lives a sentimental story, unique that not even she expected to be so heated.

From the first day she entered the most spied house in Italy, Salemi imagined everything except meeting him who would change her life forever. Now the couple has emphasized even more the concept of true love, from a sentimental and attraction point of view.

On the level of friendships, however, Giulia seems to have been eclipsed by the close-knit relationship found during the first days of stay. One of the few VIPs who remained loyal to her is Tommaso Zorzi:let’s see what our vip thinks about it

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Giulia Salemi, new updates on friendship with Tommaso Zorzi

During her stay at Big Brother Vip 5, the Roman VIP and model, Giulia Salemi she remained particularly attached to the one who later became the love of her life. With Pierpaolo Petrelli he lives a beautiful love story. The relaunch of Salemi on social media and on TV passes right through the face of the runner-up of the Alfonso Signorini reality show.

Nell’interview a Vanity Fair, the vip talks to us with pleasure about how her life is evolving with Petrelli at her side. “Now Pierpaolo and I have become” us “” – Giulia comments, noting all the most important aspects that characterize their days together.

The two are so close that they look like the two almost overlapping “faces” of an apple. Then the discussion turns to the factor “friendship“And in particular with Tommaso Zorzi, with whom the relationship seems to have cooled down a bit due to a missed meeting, clarifying

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The new 28-year-old said she was willing to open up without any prejudice. The vip does not believe that she has skeletons in the closet with anyone:

“I am surrounded by many people who accept me as I am. I would also do it with Tommaso“.

Whose next “move” will it be?

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