the female Reyer is champion of Italy

the female Reyer is champion of Italy
the female Reyer is champion of Italy

Reyer enters the legend: with the all-female victory for 72-58 against the Famila, in fact, the company led by patron Brugnaro becomes the first Italian company to win the Tricolore both on a male and female level. A trophy that girls had been missing for 75 years.

The defeat in Schio against the reigning champions but the awareness of being the team to beat: the team in the Umana squad approaches Game 5 with the right strength and concentration: a game played intensely in defense and won also thanks to the performances of the players such as Howard, 18 points, and Pan and Carangelo with 15. The women’s championship party could also infect male colleagues involved in the Sassari parquet for the playoffs.

Coach Ticchi confirms the roster (still out of Anderson), but changes the quintet, lowering it, with Pan for Petronyte together with Carangelo, Penna, Howard and Fagbenle. Just the English center unlocks the score, with then substantial balance for 4 ‘(7-9 Schio). With the great defensive intensity, the orogranata manage to block the opponent’s attack and the 9-0 partial arrives (signed by Pan 3, Carangelo, Petronyte and Fagbenle) for 16-9 at 8 ‘. Schio returns to score after more than 5 ‘, but Sottana’s two triples, interspersed with Howard’s basket, allow the guests to reach the first interval with only one possession late: 18-15. Umana Reyer, however, continues to defend strongly and, after the Howard-Andrè back and forth in the first minute, Schio is forced to call time out in the 13th minute at 26-17. With a few too many mistakes from the line, the orogranata allow the Famila to get closer to 27-21 at 15’30 “, but coach Ticchi manages to give the shock with the time out at 16 ‘: the triples of Carangelo and Pan rewrite the maximum advantage (35-23 to 18’30 “), further retouched by Carangelo herself at the end, again from 3: 38-23.

The interval does not change the inertia, quite the contrary. After the initial question and answer, the orogranata extend further, up to +20: 47-27 at 23’30 “with Howard’s triple. Schio tries to respond with a minibreak of 2-8 (49-35 at 26 ‘), but the gap immediately widens again (54-35 at 27’30 ”) and we go to the last interval at 56-39. La Famila is played all out, first approaching 56-44 (31’30 “), then up to 58-48 (33 ‘). But it is the last gasp, because the Umana Reyer settles things with the 8-0 for the 66-48 in the middle of the quarter. Schio has the strength to get closer only until 67-54 at 38 ‘, then Bestagno and Carangelo close the games completely, with space also for Natali and Meldere and party at 72-58 for mvp Pan, captain Bestagno and all the wonderful orogranata girls.

Partials: 18-15; 38-23; 56-39

Human Reyer: Bestagno 3, Carangelo 15, Howard 18, Pan 15, Natali, Petronyte 5, Fagbenle 11, Meldere, Attura, Penna 5. All. Ticchi.
Famila: Keys 4, Mestdagh 16, Cinili 5, Gruda 8, De Pretto ne, Andrè 10, Dotto 2, Trimboli ne, Harmon 2, Sottana 11. All. Vincent.

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