Conte in the field: ‘Refounding the Movement will not be a restyling operation’ – Politics

Conte in the field: ‘Refounding the Movement will not be a restyling operation’ – Politics
Conte in the field: ‘Refounding the Movement will not be a restyling operation’ – Politics
“Today I am here with you also because behind the urges of many of you and Beppe Grillo I accepted this complex and fascinating challenge: to re-establish the 5-star Movement. It is not a restyling or political marketing operation but a courageous work of regeneration of the Movement, without denying the past “. This was stated by former premier Giuseppe Conte speaking to the assembly of the M5s.


That of the ecological transition, with the intention of transforming the Movement into a political force very focused on environmentalism. That of the commitment on the territory, of the connection with the base, and that of the garrison, with the Democratic Party, of a progressive and reformist area, clearly alternative to the center-right. With all the subordinates that this choice of field entails: from alliances for administrative offices, the terrain on which to measure collaboration with the democratic party also in view of politics, to the markedly pro-European position and the possible transfer to the house of the Alliance of Socialists and European democrats. A placement choice now taken for granted and which, in substance, has already determined the exit of those elected who have made other assessments on this discriminant. But it is in the organization of the Movement that Conte’s arrival leaves intact the doubts of the troops of the elected, and in particular of the parliamentarians, still displaced by Grillo’s reconfirmation of the bond of the two mandates. “The hypothesis of evaluating the ‘deserving’, the initiation of a kind of cursus honorum, does not exist. And in any case it does not concern the mandates” cuts short a parliamentarian in the second “round” who sees the path of the award as too divisive “to the commitment; “The group would never be able to hold it. It would be the end of the world.”


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