Covid patients transferred to Valdobbiadene to reopen Vittorio Veneto

Covid patients transferred to Valdobbiadene to reopen Vittorio Veneto
Covid patients transferred to Valdobbiadene to reopen Vittorio Veneto

TREVISO. C.halo of infections and hospitalizations also means resumption of ordinary activities in hospitals. And there is one, that of Vittorio Veneto, which more than all the others has been at the forefront of the fight against coronavirus for over a year. Now the vittoriese di Costa hospital could finally empty itself of Covid patients and return permanently to ordinary activities, thanks to the ULSS plan which plans to transfer the few remaining positive patients to Guicciardini di Valdobbiadene (the other Covid hospital of the Sinistra Piave) .

the situation

In the last month the number of people hospitalized for coronavirus in Ulss 2 hospitals has decreased significantly. In Vittorio Veneto, yesterday morning the regional bulletin reported 20 positive patients admitted to non-critical area plus one in intensive care. “In Valdobbiadene, on the other hand, we still have 5-6 patients, numbers in any case very low” highlights the number one in Treviso health care, Francesco Benazzi. Hence the idea of ​​exploiting the Valdobbiadene pole – conceived exclusively for Covid shelters – and freeing Vittorio. «The next sweek we will transfer to Valdobbiadene several positive people, in good health conditions, who are now hospitalized in Vittorio, so we can leave there with everything else “continues Benazzi,” I remember that operating theaters in many cases have become resuscitations for Covid patients ” , thus forcing the structures to slow down or postpone interventions and services of another nature. In this month the Tomitano Boccasin of Motta will also be definitively “released”.

the future of Valdobbiadene

For now, no changes in the intended use are foreseen for the Guicciardini di Valdobbiadene, reactivated after several years of closure in March 2020 (but only entered into operation in November) with the aim of giving breath to the other hospitals struggling with the ‘Coronavirus emergency. At the moment the hospitalization situation in the province’s hospitals is encouraging, but after the experience of 2020, when the infections returned after a summer of absolute tranquility, no one wants to take steps forward that could prove hasty. “We still don’t know what we’ll do with Guicciardini once the health emergency is over,” admits Benazzi. However, it is difficult to imagine that such a structure, polished last autumn for its reopening, could be set aside again. For years it was the hospital of Valdobbiadene, and the local communities have clamored to keep it active also in the coming months.

the other hospitals

According to the Azienda Zero bulletin, there are still beds occupied by Covid patients in Montebelluna, at Ca ‘Foncello in Treviso, in Castelfranco and Conegliano (in the latter two cases only in intensive care). As was the case for the first wave, also on this occasion the volume of surgical operations to be disposed of is huge. This is a backlog of around 8,000 appointments to be rescheduled.

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