Moviola Juve-Inter, Calvarese from 4.5: how many mistakes!

Moviola Juve-Inter, Calvarese from 4.5: how many mistakes!
Moviola Juve-Inter, Calvarese from 4.5: how many mistakes!

The worst way to say goodbye to a championship carried on with the job that he does not lack, with that confirmation “for age limits”, however, subject to maintaining one of the top 15 positions. Bad game for Gianpaolo Calvarese, unexpected thud that was in the air of the stadium. Take forever to warn Kulusevski at 12 ‘leaves bad feelings. Get to the end of the game. Three Ofr, a penalty that is difficult even to call it that but over which the Var had no jurisdiction, an expulsion that cries out for revenge (Bentancur).

But what a penalty!

Calvarese assigns the penalty for foul by Perisic his Square: the first may have been a bit naive, but it is the Colombian who spreads his left leg and seeks contact with the opponent. Which is there and knocks out the Var.

Penalties and Var

Darmian back to the ball, Chiellini steals the time and goes straight towards the goal, the left arm of the Nerazzurri defender is there, maybe Chiello doesn’t do much to stand up, but it was a penalty to be seen also live, Irrati thinks about it at Var. Which also recalls Calvarese on the pinched on the heel of De Ligt his Lautaro: discussing the absolute involuntary nature (which exists) is useless, the images are there.

No goals, yes indeed

Calvarese cancels the own goal by Chiellini, ended up on the ground after it was he who held the Belgian’s shirt: the referee of Val Vomano cancels, instinct betrays him, reviews the images and corrects himself. There was no second yellow for Bentancur: the intervention on Lukaku is of the game, the foul can be there, but it is not a Spa (stop an important action) and there is no malice. Also in this case, Calvarese keeps the game going, then thinks about it, stops everything and after a few seconds goes yellow. Also suggested this.


In order not to miss anything: Chiellini lautaro plaque, intervention outside the area but at risk of a card, Calvarese whistles a hand ball from Lautaro. That if there is it should be considered involuntary, given that the Argentine is protecting himself from the ball that Chiellini himself sends back on him.

Vote Calvarese: 4.5.
Voto YES: Radio 6.5. He does what he can, sometimes forcing the routine.

Look at the gallery

Cuadrado and Perisic: the sequence of the second penalty given to Juventus


Moviola JuveInter Calvarese mistakes

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