the actor greets Gomorrah (VIDEO)

the actor greets Gomorrah (VIDEO)
the actor greets Gomorrah (VIDEO)

Salvatore Esposito, on social media, greeted his Genny Savastano and thanked everyone for what Gomorrah represented for him.

Salvatore Esposito actor from Gomorrah (GettyImages)

Gomorrah the series has represented an important cross-section in recent years. Of course it is inspired by the best seller of Roberto Saviano which caused a lot of discussion.

The film had a certain following but the series had a resounding boom. So much so that it was also broadcast abroad. Gomorrah, however, has launched many actors, one of these is a very popular name: Salvatore Esposito.

Salvatore Esposito, with his Genny Savastano impressed for the acting ability and for the professional growth he has had. The Neapolitan actor has also participated in international series such as Fargo. Now, on social media, he wanted to greet his character and thank everyone for the great opportunity he was granted.

“Goodbye Genny and Gomorrah” Salvatore Esposito’s heartfelt video

After 8 years, the Gomorrah series is at one step from its end. These were important years for everyone, both for those who made the product but also for those who looked at it. Certainly Gomorrah divided the audience. The arguments are hard and heavy but, in the end, the themes are a real social cross-section.

After the end of the last shoot, Salvatore Esposito he wanted to greet his Genny. A video in which you can see his emotion for everything he has tried and what this series has given him.

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But not only Genny, the Neapolitan actor also thanked the director Stefano Sollima and who gave him this great opportunity: Laura Muccino e Sara Casani. Of course last words to the fans who have grown fond of his character and, he promises, that Genny will always play an important part of him.


actor greets Gomorrah VIDEO

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