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In the province of Savona it is again the red zone: this is what can be done and what is forbidden until 11 April

In the province of Savona it is again the red zone: this is what can be done and what is forbidden until 11 April
In the province of Savona it is again the red zone: this is what can be done and what is forbidden until 11 April

Province. In the province of Savona the red zone clicks again (at least until 11 April). To confirm this, this afternoon through a post on facebook, was the Ligurian governor Giovanni Toti. The measure will start from midnight today.

What can be done and what is prohibited in the red zone? Let’s review the rules as updated by the last decree of Draghi government.

With the red zone, the prohibition to move between one region and another and the curfew between 10pm and 5am. Museums, exhibitions, hairdressers, beauty centers and barbers are closed. The restaurants remain open for takeaway and home deliveries until 10pm.take away from the bars it will be allowed until 6 pm, while it is forbidden to consume the products near the restaurant. Autogrills are an exception, where it will still be allowed to eat inside.

As required by the government decree, starting from 7 April they will return to school (also in the red zone) children who attend kindergarten, elementary school and middle school. Distance learning instead from the second grade onwards. After 11 April, if the red zone is not extended, second and third grade students will be able to return to attendance, plus high school students albeit with a limited number of students (as already happened in recent weeks).


This provision, however, cannot be waived by provisions of the Presidents of the Regions.

The movements from their residence they will be allowed only for proven reasons related to health, work, urgency or study.

On days 3, 4 and 5 April it will be allowed, once a day, to move to another inhabited private home in the same Region, up to a maximum of two people, in addition to those already living together in the destination home. The person or two people who move can bring with them children under the age of 14, or other children under 14 over whom the same people exercise parental authority, and disabled or non self-sufficient people who live with them. All within their own region.

In Liguria, as per regional ordinance, you will not be able to move to second homes.

Partners living in different municipalities or regions will be able to reunite, provided that the place chosen for reunification coincides with that in which one has one’s residence, domicile or home. In the same way, travel is allowed to visit their minor children, in the event of separated parents. Only one adult relative can travel to assist a non self-sufficient person who is not assisted in that period.

Motor activity remains permitted, provided it is carried out individually, avoiding gatherings and staying close to one’s home. Allowed thesport activity within the boundaries of their municipality of residence. Running or crossing a mountain, running or by bicycle, it is allowed to enter another municipality only if you start from your municipality and return there, therefore without traveling by other means of transport. Gym and swimming pool activities suspended.

You can move to church or other places of worship, with the constraint of opting for those closest to your home. Entry to places of worship therefore remains permitted, provided that gatherings are avoided and interpersonal distance of not less than one meter is ensured. In any case, it will be necessary to demonstrate that the movement falls within those permitted, also by means of a self-declaration that can be made on pre-printed forms already supplied to the state police forces and local police forces.

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