Covid, the map of Europe: 7 regions and 2 Italian provinces in dark red – Chronicle

Covid, the map of Europe: 7 regions and 2 Italian provinces in dark red – Chronicle
Covid, the map of Europe: 7 regions and 2 Italian provinces in dark red – Chronicle
Brussels, 1 April 2021 – Italy is always colored with dark red, the fascia of maximum alarm for the pandemic from Covid-19. According to the new one epidemiological map of the ECDC (the European center for disease prevention and control, remain in our country 7 regions and 2 autonomous provinces in dark red, but change the list (here last week’s monitoring): and in fact I am there to turn dark red this week Valle d’Aosta and the Puglia which are then added to Friuli Venezia Giulia, Piedmont, Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Marche. Always in dark red the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano. While the Campania, which last week was in dark red returns to red, according to the map released via social media. Only the Sardinia remains steadfast in orange, a color that marks a slightly lower level of risk. The rest of Italy is red.
The dark red areas all have an incidence of over 500 cases of Covid per 100 thousand inhabitants in the last 14 days.

How is it going in the rest of Europe

Eight regions of eastern France are high risk Covid – therefore in dark red: in a week the Hexagon has doubled the areas on alert, while for now to keep the red ‘simple’ are Brittany, the Pays de la Loire, the New Aquitaine, Occitania and Corsica.
The increase in cases also worries the Benelux, with the entire Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Wallonia (French-speaking Belgium) now colored dark red. A deterioration that also affected three Dutch provinces. All of Hungary, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria and almost the entire territory of Sweden are also colored dark red. High risk Covid is also highlighted for most of Austria, Croatia and Poland.

Late vaccinations for the elderly and frail

The vaccination campaign continues to leave the protection of elderly and frail: in Italy (data from the Gimbe Foundation) of the over 80s, 28.3% completed the vaccination course and 27.4% received only the first dose, the age group 70-79 is still at the starting line and no data available on the frail.
The delay in the protection of the most fragile age groups also emerges from the ECDC monitoring: Italy lags behind other European countries, in particular for age range 70-79, where it ranks at the bottom of the table. “If vaccines represent the main way to gradually get out of the pandemic – says Cartabellotta della Gimbe – it is good to reiterate the imperative need to protect fragile people as a priority, more at risk of developing severe forms of Covid-19 that require assistance. hospital “.

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