Gaza, the Israeli army: “The home of the head of Hamas Sinwar hit”: the video on Twitter

Gaza, the Israeli army: “The home of the head of Hamas Sinwar hit”: the video on Twitter
Gaza, the Israeli army: “The home of the head of Hamas Sinwar hit”: the video on Twitter

The Israeli army has announced that it has hit the home of the head of the Hamas political office in the Gaza Strip. Yahya Sinwar. The army “attacked the homes of Yahya Sinwar and his brother Muhammd, a terrorist activist,” the army wrote on Twitter, where it posted a video showing a destroyed house. The army did not specify whether Sinwar was at home at the time of the attack. “Both buildings – the army specified – were used as military infrastructures by the Hamas terrorist organization”.

Hamas rockets on south-central Israel and air strikes on the Strip. Netanyahu: These will not be easy days. Gaza, media building bombed

The fights

It was still a night of fighting between Israel and Hamas as diplomatic efforts to restore calm increase. After the night attacks launched from Gaza towards the Tel Aviv area, this morning Hamas resumed intensely bombing the Israeli localities closest to the Strip. At the same time, the Israeli air force claims to have hit a hundred targets in Gaza last night, including in an attempt to destroy the network of military bunkers set up by Hamas. The Gaza health ministry reports that 5 civilians died and 40 were injured in those attacks. During the night, Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu – implicitly responding to criticism from the United States – observed that “while Hamas hits entire cities in Israel, Israel is making every effort not to hit people not involved in the fighting in Gaza”. He added that military operations will continue “as long as necessary”, suggesting that for now Israel is not interested in a ceasefire. The government defense council will meet in the afternoon. just before the start of an urgent meeting at the United Nations Security Council.

Since the start of the conflict 2,900 rockets have been fired at Israel from Gaza, but 450 of them have proved defective and have fallen inside the Strip. This was announced by the Israeli military spokesman. The Iron Dome batteries intercepted 1,150 rockets. Still others fell in open areas. In the past 24 hours, according to the spokesman, Israel has hit 90 Hamas and Islamic Jihad targets in Gaza.

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