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Roma-Lazio 2-0, the report cards: Dzeko from ’10’, Darboe plays as a big player. Unripe and Immobile disappoint

Roma-Lazio 2-0, the report cards: Dzeko from ’10’, Darboe plays as a big player. Unripe and Immobile disappoint
Roma-Lazio 2-0, the report cards: Dzeko from ’10’, Darboe plays as a big player. Unripe and Immobile disappoint

Markers: 43′ Mkhitaryan, 78′ Pedro

ROMA (Curated by Antonino Sergi)

Fuzato 7 – The derby is only his sixth ever appearance and he has a perfect performance. Two interventions worth a goal, one in the first half on Luis Alberto and the other on Ciro Immobile’s flying heel in the second half.

Karsdorp 7 – The best in terms of performance and concentration of the rear guard of Fonseca’s team, perfect diagonals by the Dutchman. Excellent intervention in the first half that closes the mirror of the door to Luis Alberto, always careful and precise.

Mancini 6,5 – Duel man against man with Muriqi, does not grant a playable centimeter to the Lazio striker. Physical difference but perfect readings by the Giallorossi central.

Ibanez 5,5 – The injury probably ruined the fifty match with the Giallorossi shirt but the Brazilian saw, in the middle of the first half, the nightmares of the first leg almost giving the advantage to Luis Alberto. (Dal 38 ‘Kumbulla 6.5 – Excellent couple with Mancini, he often works in advance and makes very few mistakes despite having a certain building in front of him).

Bruno Peres 6 – Deployed along the left-handed lane to counter Lazzari’s speed, his job is good but he pays a yellow card. In order not to risk Fonseca takes him at half-time. (From 46 ‘Santon 6 – He immediately commits an ingenuity by taking the yellow but ends up in crescendo).

Darboe 7 – A 2001 class who certainly does not feel the weight of the first derby as a holder of his career, he places himself in front of the defense and acts as a dam with a veteran personality. Passed with flying colors, countless balls recovered from the Gambian.

Cristante 6 – Proof of substance and quantity for him, less showy than the young Darboe but plays his good intelligence contest. It is close to scoring in the second half.

Mkhitaryan 6,5 – Third consecutive goal for the Armenian who also leaves his signature in the derby, less lively than usual but cold when called into question. Unlock the score with the winning paw.

Pilgrims 6 – Certainly to be rewarded the desire, the intensity and the quality that puts us especially during the whole second half. When the engine revs up, Roma engages the right gear but on some occasions the last play is wrong. (From 72 ‘Villar 6 – It also fits well in a more advanced position than usual).

El Shaarawy 6 – The last game as a starter for the former Genoa and Milan was more than two months ago, he starts with some difficulties but comes out at a distance. His touch kicks off the action of the Giallorossi advantage. (Dal 72 ‘Pedro 7 – Fonseca could not ask for more from the Spaniard, he enters and with a personal action closes the derby in his own way).

Dzeko 7 – His negative 2021 in front of goal continues, he plays as a center forward but the performance is as an attacking midfielder of absolute quality. His play that breaks the derby is great, so the abstinence from scoring that has been missing since January 3rd weighs less. (Dal 89 ‘Mayoral sv).

Paulo Fonseca 7 – He greets Rome with a won derby, redeems the first leg and the Giallorossi play a great match. A match prepared very well by the Portuguese, he does not repeat the mistake of the first leg, giving Lazzari little space. After the goal always strike the right spark, quality game and great intensity without conceding anything to Inzaghi’s team.

LAZIO (Curated by Pierpaolo Matrone)

Reina 5,5 – No big mistake, but maybe on one of the two goals he could push more in the dive.

Marusic 6 – He shows that he has adapted well to his new role as central defender in the three-man line. No smudging on his part. From 73 ‘Caicedo sv

Acerbi 4,5 – He gets blown too easily by Dzeko on the occasion of Mkhitaryan’s goal. An indelible stain in his performance, a mistake that was not expected. And in the end he also gets an expulsion, almost smiling: to forget.

Radu 5.5 – In the first half he risks with a wrong back pass, but Lazio are saved. However, try to play the charge, going several times to charge your companions. Dal 73′ Fares s.v.

Lazzari 6 – He was a factor on the way out, no on the way back, but it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Inzaghi asks him to target his opponents and he pleases her, giving him several good ideas on the right.

Milinkovic-Savic 5 – Ball recovery and quality in going vertically. The first half is not bad, but it disappears in the second half. Loses the duel with Pedro on the occasion of the latter’s goal, also showing little desire in chasing the opponent. Dall’84 ‘Akpa Akpro sv

Leiva 5,5 – Not in top condition and it shows. He hardly ever turns on the light and can not even contain the forward opponents.

Luis Alberto 6 – Play with your head held high, always look forward and already at the moment of checking the ball you already know what the next play will be. And it is often the right one.

Lulic 5,5 – He became a hero in a derby that earned him the Italian Cup. And the probable last of his career is not to be remembered: a head shot and little else in his hour on the pitch. From 59 ‘Luiz Felipe 6 – No big smudges on his part.

Muriqi 5 – In this Lazio a striker cannot be static and he still hasn’t managed to change his way of playing. The attack on the depth is not a dowry of his baggage and in fact he struggles. Called to redeem himself, he also finds the goal, but is offside. And therefore no ransom. Dal 59 ‘Andreas Pereira 5.5 – He runs a lot, but he doesn’t find interesting ideas.

Immobile 5 – As usual it is the most aggressive, but it is not enough. Kicks only once on goal in the whole match (and by the way he was offside). It is served badly, it does not find the right spaces. Disappointing.

Simone Inzaghi 5 – To win a derby you have to play it and believe in it and his Lazio did neither one nor the other. He tries to sound the alarm in the middle of the second half, inserting an extra striker and changing form, but he gets nothing. The preparation is not good, the correction is not good. This time it is he who comes out reduced.

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