Monument to the Moto Guzzi founder, controversy breaks out: “He wears the uniform he wore during fascism”

Monument to the Moto Guzzi founder, controversy breaks out: “He wears the uniform he wore during fascism”
Monument to the Moto Guzzi founder, controversy breaks out: “He wears the uniform he wore during fascism”

The controversy broke out over the monument in the square dedicated to Giorgio Parodi, aviator and founder of the Moto Guzzi company who opened the headquarters in Genoa, in Corso Podestà, in 1921. The day after the inauguration, on the Mura delle Cappuccine belvedere, in Genoa, with the president of the Region, Giovanni Toti, and the banner of the Municipality of Genoa, baptized by the overflight of the tricolor arrows, the protest explodes on social media from some art historians who not only criticize the quality of the work, but above all they point the finger at the iconographic choice: “It is not the portrait of the courageous and far-sighted entrepreneur of the legendary Moto Guzzi bikes, but the volunteer soldier in two world wars and in a fascist colonial war”, writes Pietro Millefiore, historian of architecture and professor at the Ligustica Academy of Fine Arts. Because, as he explains, “we have to deal with the symbols chosen”.

The work was inaugurated in Carignano, the same neighborhood where the mayor Marco Bucci lives, and is signed by the sculptor Ettore Gambioli, artist and passionate “guzzista” who has already created another sculpture in Mandello dedicated to Carlo Guzzi, also his companion of arms by Giorgio Parodi, but portrayed without any uniform. The monument, according to the Municipality, was donated to the city of Genoa by the family, and the sketch of the work received the green light from the Superintendency, before its construction.

And the alarm of the Anpi is raised immediately: “It is one of those ways, more and more widespread, to do some historical revisionism: that was a soldier not only conscripted and called to war, but a voluntary party to to bomb unarmed women and children – Massimo Bisca, president of Anpi Genoa points the finger – The fact that it was chosen to represent the subject in uniform is one of the many scratches that are made on the skin of the city. Ponte Monumentale, every 25 April, and then build monuments of this kind or decide to name a marina, as in Nervi, after a member of the XMas demonstrates that they should be reminded that the values ​​of 25 April must be applied to every day “.

And Bisca attacks the mayor Bucci and the president Toti: “I remind the administrators of article 54 of the Constitution: whoever has public offices must carry them out with dignity and honor, and in this honor the values ​​of anti-fascism contained in the Constitution are included. More of the past Aldo Moro, who was not a dangerous subversive, said that the Constitution is not a-fascist, but it is anti-fascist and if this is not honored, its spirit and value are not understood “.

In the controversy, however, the amazement of many “Guzzi” experts arises who point to the biography of Giorgio Parodi, “The wings of the eagle” (Tormena) and underline how Giorgio Parodi’s commitment in the army is achieved by continuous service, from 1915 to 45, without ever receiving leave: for this reason he was continually recalled. They understand the perplexities of some about the use of the uniform in the iconographic choice, but also underline the five silver medals received, also for rescue operations of companions, in which he also lost the use of an eye. Any link with fascism is then rejected, claiming the commitment of the company co-founded by Giorgio Parodi in the protection of its workers, from 1943 to 1945, engaged in resistance actions.

Moreover, already on the day of the inauguration, the municipal councilor Pd, Cristina Lodi, had on Facebook, “softly”, as she repeated several times in her post, pointing out that “Genoa celebrates a very questionable character, who bombed, from volunteer, in Africa. While not denying his qualities as an entrepreneur and aviator, one cannot, however, remain silent about his responsibilities in war as a volunteer in the imperialist war of Africa “.

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