massacre on TV – Libero Quotidiano

massacre on TV – Libero Quotidiano
massacre on TV – Libero Quotidiano

Tough distance confrontation between Silvia Toffanin and the transgender model Lea T. The latter accused very true, the program broadcast on Saturday afternoon on Canale 5, about discrimination and censorship. Last week Lea announced that she had been interviewed by Toffanin a few months ago, but she also said she hoped with all her heart that that interview – not yet aired – will never be broadcast. The reason? The guest of Giorgia Meloni, who has different opinions from those of the model.

“Silencing certain groups is the first move to continue sitting in that bloodstained throne of yours! This CIStema is as miserable as your story! Very true, nothing new “, wrote Lea T. It turned out, then, that her interview was recorded last February, but for a matter of technical joints it was decided to sacrifice it and make it slip. The model’s request not to broadcast the interview, however, was not accepted. Rather. Silvia Toffanin opened today’s episode, Saturday 15 May, by replying to the model’s accusations. The famous presenter explained that the interviews never air immediately. Some are transmitted at a later time for production needs, for the needs of the artists or because they are not strictly linked to current events.

“The protagonist of this interview is a trans model who, after having seen the interview with Meloni has published heavy statements accusing us of censorship and discrimination “, Toffanin said, explaining that she has always given a voice to everyone with great respect, attention and sensitivity. Lea T, on the other hand, would have made some very heavy comments against very true, just because it was decided to give a voice to a person who thinks differently from her, namely Meloni. In this regard, the presenter vented: “Now who is discriminating? The words censorship and discrimination do not belong to us, they do not belong to Mediaset, a very true and they certainly don’t belong to me ”.

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massacre Libero Quotidiano

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