Serie A, Spezia-Turin 4-1: Eaglets safe, grenade in trouble | News

Saponara, two goals from Nzola and Erlic sign the decisive success to keep the category

It Spice beat the 4-1 Torino reaching salvation in A league with a day in advance. Perfect match in the direct match for the Italian eagles, two goals ahead at the interval with Saponara and the rigor of Calm down. In the recovery Belotti from the disk he tried to reopen the dispute, but again Nzola and then Erlic they dropped the poker decisive for the permanence in Serie A. The Taurus risks big one day from the end.


The team won with less thought, more determination and certainly without fear. The direct collision salvation of the Peak, Spice e Torino they played it in a diametrically opposite way and the result is there to confirm what can be guessed right from the start. In spite of the formation of the lively and reactive Italian, the grenades – after the seven goals scored by Milan in the middle of the week – took to the field petrified by fear, unable to tackle ball actions on the ground and relying only on some ideas on Ansaldi’s wing. In the end it was a triumph for Spezia, 4-1 and deserved salvation thanks to the plays in this match of Saponara, the man of salvation, and the newfound verve in the goal area of Calm down. For Toro, waiting for the result of Benevento against Crotone, there will still be 180 minutes of passion for a season already to be forgotten.

The first photo of the match came after four minutes: Turin’s slow and approximate defensive ball, Bremer’s wrong play and Agudelo’s angry anticipation, who then got lost once he entered the area. Obvious difference in the approach of the two teams. The rest was told by the camp, with facts. At 19 ‘ Saponara after passing Sirigu in dribbling he hit the post sensationally, only to make up for it a few seconds later in the development of the same action, starting from the right and surprising the grenade goalkeeper on his post for the advantage. The playmaker came close to an encore just before the interval, overcoming the motionless defense grenade but finding Izzo’s end in extremis, but the doubling still came in the 42nd minute with the discovery Calm down, icy from the spot after Vojvoda’s penalty foul on Pobega.

The – minimal – reaction of Torino came in the first minutes of the second half, raising pressure and center of gravity and finding the goal from a penalty with Belotti (Ferrer foul on Bremer) after risking to suffer the third with Nzola freed in front of Sirigu again by Saponara. Not bad for the Ligurians, the bogeyman of the mocking comeback was swept away in the last quarter of an hour of the race. Nzola scored his double taking advantage of a free kick by Marchizza and taking advantage of the sleep of the Turin rearguard, then five minutes from the end the new entrant Erlic on a cross from Farias he dropped the poker head that started the salvation party of Spezia, deserved for what was proposed in large sections during the championship and reached with a day in advance.


Saponara 7.5 – Best game of the season by posting, in the hottest moment. After devouring an empty goal goal, he unlocked the match with a good play, then dispensing quality touches and ideas for an hour of play.

Nzola 7 – Match of doors, holds and dates, with Nkoulou. He is released from the spot and could not wait for a better moment, also finding the brace in the second half after wasting an opportunity in front of the goalkeeper.

Duke 4.5 – After having been decisive in the last positive away games, he did it in the worst way even in the first half against Spezia. He gets jumped by Saponara on the occasion of the first goal, then causes the penalty with inexperience on Pobega.

Ansaldi 6 – The best of his even in the first half with the whole team in difficulty. Left or right, he plows the left wing by putting a large number of balls into the box, but he lacks precision.


Spice (4-3-3):
Zoet 6.5; Ferrer 6, Ismajli 6, Terzi 6.5, Marchizza 6.5; Maggiore 6.5, Ricci 6 (12 ‘st Sena 6), Pobega 6.5 (23’ st Estevez 6); Agudelo 6 (12 ‘st Farias 6.5), Nzola 7, Saponara 7.5 (32’ st Erlic 7). Available: Provedel, Rafael, Vignali, Bastoni, Estevez, Agoume, Acampora, Verde, Galabinov, Piccoli. All .: Italian 7.5.
Torino (3-5-2): Sirigu 6; Izzo 5 (10 ‘st Singo 5), Nkoulou 5.5, Bremer 5; Vojvoda 4.5 (1 ‘st Verdi 5), Rincon 5 (33’ st Baselli sv), Mandragora 5, Lukic 5 (18 ‘st Buongiorno 5), Ansaldi 6; Sanabria 5 (18 ‘st Zaza 5), ​​Belotti 5. Available: Sava, Ujkani, Rodriguez, Lyanco, Gojak, Bonazzoli. Coach: Nicola 4.5.
Referee: Orsato
Markers: 19′ Saponara, 42′ rig. Nzola, 10′ st rig. Belotti (T), 19′ st Nzola (S), 39′ st Erlic (S)
Ammonites: Agudelo, Pobega, Farias (S); Vojvoda, Rincon, Good morning, Bremer, Verdi (T)
Expelled: nobody


For the first time in Serie A, Spezia has scored four goals in one match.
For the first time in Serie A, Torino have conceded at least two goals for five consecutive away games against newly promoted teams.
Torino have won only one of their last nine matches against newly promoted teams in Serie A (5N, 3P), conceding eight goals in their last two of those games – 2-4 vs Crotone previously.
This is only the second time that Spezia have won a Serie A match with a three goal difference, following a 3-0 win at Benevento last November.
Torino have conceded 11 goals in their last two games, only one fewer than in the previous 10 Serie A matches (12).
Andrea Belotti has taken part in 19 goals (13 goals, six assists) so far, in a season in Serie A he has only participated in more goals in 2016/17 (33 – 26 goals, seven assists).
Among the players to have scored at least three braces in Serie A this season, only Ibrahimovic (19) has played fewer games than M’Bala Nzola (24).
Among the players with double-digit goals in this league, only Ibrahimovic (19), Osimhen (22) and Caputo (23) have fewer appearances than M’Bala Nzola (24).
Among the defenders with at least three goals in Serie A this season, only Achraf Hakimi (4/11/1998) is younger than Martin Erlic (24/1/1998).
M’Bala Nzola hasn’t scored in Serie A since last January; since then he had been without goals for 10 consecutive games.
Riccardo Saponara has taken part in five goals (two goals, three assists) against Torino in Serie A, against no team he has participated in more goals in the top flight.
Two goals in his last four appearances for Saponara in Serie A, as many as in his previous 40 games played in the tournament.

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