Bolzano, the father raped his underage daughter: sentenced to 9 years

Bolzano, the father raped his underage daughter: sentenced to 9 years
Bolzano, the father raped his underage daughter: sentenced to 9 years

A hearing at the court of Bolzano. The image does not refer to the story (archive)

A South Tyrolean couple was sentenced with shortened procedure for the very serious crime of sexual assault on their minor daughter. The man, in particular, had repeatedly raped his minor daughter, with the consent of the girl’s wife and mother. The girl had become pregnant with her father, when she was just 14 years old, and had an abortion: precisely in that circumstance the abuses by her father were discovered, than now in prison, while the daughter lives in a protected community. The free mother. The judge for the preliminary investigation Carla Scheidle sentenced the man to a penalty of 9 years’ imprisonment and his wife 4 years, both with shortened rites and therefore taking advantage of the discount of one third of the sentence. Two witnesses had been heard at the last hearing: a psychiatrist and a family member of the couple. The defense also produced two psychiatric consultations on both of the victim’s parents.

The father and psychological care

From the consultations, in particular, it emerged that the man is following psychological treatments precisely to try to heal the serious pathology that had led him to abuse his minor daughter. At the end of the trial with an abbreviated procedure before the investigating judge, the mother of the poor girl was also sentenced, for complicity in sexual violence, as the woman was not only fully aware of what was happening, but even allowed her husband to sleep in the same bed with her daughter, while she spent the night in another room. According to the psychiatric counseling of the defense, the victim’s mother would have been dominated by her husband and therefore would not have had the ability to react to the dramatic situation that had arisen in the home, with the morbid attention of the man towards his daughter. , moreover repeated over time. The violence had in fact lasted for two years. A terrible story that came out only following the pregnancy of the fourteen year old girl.

The doctor’s report

As soon as the two parents realized that their daughter was pregnant, they immediately went to a doctor to have her aborted. It was precisely the doctor who discovered the absurd drama that the poor girl was experiencing, starting the reports that led to the criminal investigation just ended with the double conviction for sexual assault on minors. The man was arrested, while his wife is currently on the loose. In the meantime, the daughter moved elsewhere and started a new life, in a protected community that has started a personalized path to help the young woman deal with the consequences of the trauma suffered. For the father, however, the future in a prison cell.

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Bolzano father raped underage daughter sentenced years

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