“I beat the city on waste, I will collect 1,500” – Corriere.it

“I beat the city on waste, I will collect 1,500” – Corriere.it
“I beat the city on waste, I will collect 1,500” – Corriere.it

He thought he had to collect 37 euros. He ended up being forced to shell out over 1,500. the legal misfortune that happened to the Municipality of Milan, stumbled upon the obstinacy of an exasperated homeowner from what he renamed one imposing dripping, and who wanted to carry on a small battle of principle that will interest the Milanese: he is no longer satisfied with contesting the unjust requests of the administration on the waste tax, but has decided to go all the way, to the point of being recognized by Palazzo Marino also court costs.

Alexander Schuster is a lawyer from Trentino. In 2010 he bought a small apartment in the city, which he rents regularly. He did not imagine that this investment would turn into an odyssey. In ten years – he says – I have received unjust sanctions for the waste tax six times. And once he gets the square meters wrong, another ignores a sentence that had wronged him a few years earlier, another time he gets the accounts wrong, another asks me as the owner even if there are all the beautiful leases that register, his outlet. In fact, the tax is due to those who live in the house (therefore, in this case, to the tenants), and if the accommodation is empty, it is not due. Instead, the Milanese municipality has this curious practice – Schuster explains -: if it lacks a few coins of the waste tax on a property, it does not go to see who occupied that property or if there was a registered contract. She doesn’t even ask the owner if he knows who should have paid for it. No, he takes it easy and sends a notice to the owner, with penalties and interest, regardless.

The relationship with Palazzo Marino has therefore become close, to the sound of duels in court, which the municipality loses every time. Without losing much. always over at compensated expenses. That is, you as a taxpayer pay 30 euros as a contribution only to contact the judge, you win, but then you put the expenses and the time dedicated there: no refunds, practically. This time for Schuster he didn’t want to stop. In one of my fits of madness I have never seen us again I went on appeal precisely to demand that the municipality pay the costs of the mess it creates, continues the lawyer, also to stop what seems to be a practice in Milan. The Lombardy Regional Tax Commission has proved him right. In the sentence of last February, recently filed, he sentenced Palazzo Marino to pay the legal costs of the two levels of judgment, just over 1,500 euros, stigmatizing the behavior of the institution in the device, as it does not comply with the canons of good administration. They are small battles of principle – concludes Schuster – but applied to a municipality of millions of inhabited areas make it clear how important they are. I hope that others will take action too, because this “tax dripping” must also stop.

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