Vaccino Covid Lazio, Open day Over 30 announced for next weekend

Vaccino Covid Lazio, Open day Over 30 announced for next weekend
Vaccino Covid Lazio, Open day Over 30 announced for next weekend

While the administrations for the Open Day AstraZeneca scheduled for today and tomorrow in Lazio, the regional councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato, announced to Corriere della Sera the opening of reservations for 30-year-olds. According to reports from Clarida Salvatori, for the next weekend other vaccination days could be organized without a reservation and this time they could also be destined for over 30. To do this, Lazio officially asked the extraordinary commissioner Figliuolo to be able to receive 100,000 doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine unused in other regions. The 20 thousand appointments available for today and tomorrow have been booked in just over three hours and therefore, given the great success of the initiative, the Lazio Region is ready to replicate these ‘Astra Days’ also for the youngest. “Already on the following weekend, that of 22 and 23 May, we will open the immunization of the over 30s in structures that can allow the administration to a very large number of people”, the words of D’Amato.

Administration also at the Stadio dei Marmi and at the Palazzo dello Sport of the Eur

To allow the administration to a very large number of people, Councilor D’Amato said that vaccination stations could soon be set up at the Stadio dei Marmi at Foto Italico and inside the Palazzo dello Sport dell’Eur: “With an effort we can vaccinate 50 thousand more people a day “. Not only that: the goal is to do as in New York, where the vaccine is also administered in subway stations: “Rome is like New York: we can also reach all subway stops”.

Booking procedures for over 40s

From today, reservations open for the age group 52-53 and D’Amato’s goal is to set appointments for all 50-year-olds by May. At the same time, other channels have been opened to encourage vaccination of the over 40s (without waiting for the release of their age group) especially with the two vaccines least desired by the population: AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson. To do this, as mentioned, two Open Days have been organized for today and tomorrow, but not only. From Monday 17, in fact, 40-year-olds will be able to book their doses also through the family doctor (the studies will be included in the booking platform) and from 24 May also in over a thousand pharmacies participating in the Lazio vaccination campaign.


Vaccino Covid Lazio Open day announced weekend

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