Covid Green Card: what it is, how to get it and how certification will work – GUIDE

Covid Green Card: what it is, how to get it and how certification will work – GUIDE
Covid Green Card: what it is, how to get it and how certification will work – GUIDE

What is the Covid Green Card? It is officially called “green certification” and it will be the pass to be able to move between regions of different colors. It will last six months for the vaccinated and recovered and 48 hours for those who will undergo antigen or molecular tests with negative results. The functioning of the main novelty present in the draft of the new decree is regulated by article 10 of the provision which will be discussed in the Council of Ministers in the next few hours. The certification is issued as soon as the first dose of vaccine is administered. It will be in print or digital format and will be filled in by the facility where the vaccine was carried out. In the document, which will then flow into the electronic health record of the person concerned, in addition to the personal data, the number of doses administered will also be reported compared to the number of doses envisaged. For healed people, the certificate will be issued by the facility where the patient was admitted or, for non-hospitalized patients, by general practitioners and pediatricians of free choice.

The pass, however, ceases to be valid if the interested party subsequently turns out to be positive again for Covid. The healing certificates issued before the decree comes into force will be valid for six months from the date indicated on the certification. Those who have completed the vaccination cycle before the entry into force of the new provision and have not received any certification, can make an express request to the health facility or to the Region or the Province.

Those who undergo rapid or molecular antigen testing with negative results will have a green certification lasting 48 hours which will be issued by the same structure that carried out the swab: public, private and accredited health facilities, pharmacies, general practitioners or pediatricians. The pass will remain in force until the activation of the European platform, in which national certificates will also be sent. At that point, the so-called DGC-Digital Green Certificate, interoperable at European level, will come into force.

Anyone who falsifies the green certificate for travel also risks imprisonment. This is what is foreseen by the draft of the decree law with the new measures that will be on the CDM in the next few hours. In particular, paragraph 2 of article 13 provides that for all crimes of forgery that have as their object the green Covid-19 certification, the penalties provided for by articles 476, 477, 479, 480, 481, 482, 489 of the code penalties, even if relating to the electronic documents referred to in Article 491 bis, have increased by one third.

Interior Ministry: self-certification for orange and red areas

With regard to travel, self-certification remains necessary, where it is already foreseen, but immediately therefore Italians will be able to roam more freely – even between regions of different colors – having the green certificate in their pocket, which must certify vaccination, the execution of a negative swab or the successful recovery from Covid. Pass holders will also be able to access certain cultural and sporting events.

Movements are free, “for whatever reason”, when it concerns the regions in the yellow zone. On the other hand, the ban on moving into and out of the territories located in the orange zone is confirmed. Thus the circular of the Interior Ministry sent to the prefects after the decree law on reopening in force since Monday 26 April.
“However – explains the Interior Ministry -, as well as for proven work needs, state of necessity and health reasons, as well as for the return to their residence, domicile and home, the movements are now also allowed to people with a certification certifying the state of vaccination against Covid or recovery from the infection, or the state of negativity to a rapid molecular or antigenic test “.

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