Brindisi died at the age of 43 at Perrino

Brindisi died at the age of 43 at Perrino
Brindisi died at the age of 43 at Perrino

Gia. Gre.
May 15, 2021 11:18 am

TOAST – He was only 43 years old. He died last night (Saturday 15 May) in the Reanimation ward of the Perrino hospital. Brindisi mourns another Covid victim, one of the youngest registered in the province. Luca Brandi, an imposing soccer goalkeeper, was well known among amateur tournament fans. Condolence flows in the form of dozens of messages posted on his Facebook profile. In the photos posted by friends, a jovial face stands out, with a perpetually imprinted smile.

“You have always won the great challenges – writes Ivano -. I hoped with all my heart that the news would come that once again you would come out undefeated. But no. This virus has taken you away. It has taken away a wonderful person, from the big heart, always available to make you smile. It took away from me one of the greatest rivals on the football field and at the same time an adventure companion in tournaments. It was nice to challenge us, it was nice to fight for the same passion “. Brandi had been hospitalized for days. His conditions have plummeted in the last few hours, until the dramatic ending.

In the last 24 hours there have been no other deaths in the Brindisi area. There are currently 74 people admitted to the Covid wards. The Ostuni hospital hosts 10 patients in Internal Medicine and 9 in Pneumology. Al Perrino, on the other hand, there are 18 patients in infectious diseases, 17 in pneumology, 11 in internal medicine, 9 in resuscitation. The Post Covid hosts 14 patients in Mesagne, 8 in Ceglie Messapica, 7 in Cisternino.


Brindisi died age Perrino

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