Amici 2021, Sangiovanni meets his sister and discovers he has become an uncle

Amici 2021, Sangiovanni meets his sister and discovers he has become an uncle
Amici 2021, Sangiovanni meets his sister and discovers he has become an uncle

Sangiovanni meets his sister ad Friends 2021 and surprisingly discovers that he has become an uncle. “Don’t make me cry, I’ve been crying all week,” said the singer, then running to hug the girl. Chatting with his sister, the artist got excited once he learned that he had become uncle of little Virginia. “Here it was tough, but I’m very charged, it seems 12 years have passed”, Sangiovanni admitted, being moved by the photos of the newborn.

A few hours before the final of Friends 2021, Sangiovanni retraced his adventure on the show, chatting with Maria De Filippi. “Your path with music went in parallel with your personal path – said the presenter -. I’d give you human platinum if I could. Maybe just you on the face of the earth. Those who stop to look at you understand this. It is enough to learn to look beyond appearances ”.

The singer has a difficult past behind him, marked by complicated moments. “When you learn to be alone, you learn to look beyond what you see of yourself – he reflected -. It is a process that allows us to go to the bottom, it would be nice if everyone could do it “. The bond with Giulia makes his journey in the Amici 2021 school special.

“When you entered you and Giulia did the same thing, you lay down on the ground – Maria De Filippi reminded him with a smile -. That’s a bit your part that wants to play, the one you must never lose ”. Sangiovanni then spoke of his feelings for the dancer, who was also in the final together with Aka7even, Deddy and Alessandro. “When I’m with Giulia I feel so like a child, it’s a bit like taking off the armor – he admitted -. It makes me feel less strong but good, light, with her I don’t have to prove anything “.

To accompany the emotion of Sangiovanni one letter from Giulia addressed to the other finalists. “Aka, thank you for the moment when you calmed down when I sang the little song I hummed as a child – wrote the dancer -. And here is my idiot Sangio: I have so many reasons for which I would like to thank you. Especially the one where you asked me: “Can I sit here?”. From there it really all started. You gave me the beginning of what would have been my first love ”.


Amici Sangiovanni meets sister discovers uncle

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