MotoGP, Marquez takes advantage of the rain: 1st in FP3 at Le Mans, Savadori splendid 2nd

MotoGP, Marquez takes advantage of the rain: 1st in FP3 at Le Mans, Savadori splendid 2nd
MotoGP, Marquez takes advantage of the rain: 1st in FP3 at Le Mans, Savadori splendid 2nd

10:42 – FP3 is for Marc Marquez who enjoys the first position in a session, even if it is free practice. Magnificent Lorenzo Savadori second behind him

10:40 – Marquez responds to Savadori and takes the best time. Meanwhile, Bagnaia is 6th but is improving

10:38 – Great time of Savadori who goes to the top of the standings with Aprilia! Oliveira second, Marquez third but is improving

10:35 – Marquez responds and returns to command. The Spaniard wants to make this FP3 his own. Oliveira and Savadori follow him closely in the standings, Joam Mir 4th on Pol Espargarò and Zarco. Rossi only 16th, in the wet more was expected from the Yamaha rider

10:33 – Furious fight between Oliveira and Marquez, who improve and remain first and second. Savadori also tears off some red helmets. Small mistake by Bagnaia, who goes wide but does not fall with his Ducati

10: 31- Oliveira takes command of this FP3. Nice performance for Lorenzo Savadori, who goes to 4th position with Aprilia. Zarco sixth. Meanwhile, Oliveira is improving the first sectors and could further improve its reference

10:28 – Marc Marquez remains the reference, but behind him the ranking changes. Oliveira climbs to 3rd place, while Alex Marquez is also strong, now 5th. Rossi is currently 15th

10:23 – This is the ranking, a nice leap forward for Aleix Espargarò who enters the top ten with Aprilia. Meanwhile, Rins climbs to 3rd place, the two Suzukis appear very effective. Fall for Iker Lecuona

10:20 – Mir improves and is second behind Marquez, who in the meantime continues to push. Vinales climbed to 3rd position. Bagnaia now 5th in front of an excellent Lecuona, which in turn precedes Danilo Petrucci.

10:18 – Marc Marquez’s lunge that snatches the best time leaving Miller at almost a second. Great performance for the Honda rider in the wet.

10:17 – Here are the images of Jack Miller’s fall

10:14 – He will have to go through Q1, but at least Bagnaia is proving to have a great pace in the wet, so he could face the session with greater serenity. Even Morbidelli, who yesterday was very worried about his Yamaha’s performance in the wet, can change his mind as he is currently in 5th position

10:13 – Despite the crash, Miller is the leader right now. Here is the ranking

10:11 – Fall for Jack Miller who loses the front of his Ducati at turn 6

10:09 – Mir responds to Miller by placing Suzuki in first position. Recall that both Mir and Rins are in Q1. Miller in turn improves, fighting between the two drivers in the wet of Le Mans

10:07 – Miller confirms his talent in the wet and sets the best time, while Morbidelli also continues to improve. Aleix Espargarò is preparing to enter the track with the second bike

10:05 – Joan Mir takes command of operations, with Petrucci improving and still second. Morbidelli is now third ahead of Oliveira. The KTM seems comfortable in these conditions. Rossi 12th at the moment

10:03 – The ranking begins to take shape and Danilo Petrucci proves to have excellent confidence in the wet. The Italian behind only Alex Rins at the moment

10:00 – The images of the riders entering the track make us understand the amount of rain in this FP3

09:57 – Almost all the drivers on the track, some on medium rain tires and others on soft tires. Little digression off-piste for Aleix Espargarò, who may have had a small technical problem. The Spaniard is getting pushed into the pits, an unlucky weekend for Aprilia

09:55 – FP3 starts, the Marquez brothers enter the track in tandem

09:53 – Nothing to do, the rain peeps out on the track! FP3 promises to be a useful session to prepare for the race, but yesterday’s ranking will hardly change. Bagnaia, world leader, seems condemned to go through Q1, while Rossi may already be satisfied with the 9th time that projects him into Q2.

09:50 – Hello and welcome to our LIVE chronicle of the FP3 MotoGP at Le Mans. As widely expected, the rain wet the French track this morning, but at the moment the sky is opening slightly and it is likely that the asphalt will dry out during the session.

As always, Le Mans FP3 will be decisive to assign the ten available seats in Q2 without having to go through the trap of Q1, but the real discriminating factor this morning will be the rain. Everyone’s eyes are in fact focused on the clouds that accompany the weekend on the Bugatti and that promise rain. A situation that puts a lot of pressure on the riders who yesterday failed to snatch a good lap to enter the top ten.

Yesterday Zarco and Quartararo had fun doing the honors in France, proving that Ducati and Yamaha can play the role of hare on the race weekend. Vinales and Morbidelli confirmed the speed of the M1 at Le Mans and Valentino Rossi also grabbed a promising 9th position which allows him to be already among the Q2 qualifiers at the moment. The leader of the world championship Pecco Bagnaia, on the other hand, is slightly in trouble, finishing the day in 12th position and today will have to hope for a dry track to avoid the risk of having to go through Q1.

Our LIVE chronicle of the FP3 MotoGP at Le Mans will kick off at 9:50 am, Stay Tuned!

This is the combined ranking of FP1 and FP2

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