The couple having oral sex behind a newsstand in Milan

Hidden by a newsstand, but not too much. And obviously overwhelmed by the passion between cars and passing pedestrians. “Show” definitely forbidden to minors on Thursday, a stone’s throw from Milan central station – already the scene of similar episodes in the past -, where a man and a woman indulged in decidedly pushed effusions in the middle of the street.

The two, on the sidewalk behind the newsstand between via Tonale and via Sammartini, in fact “flirted” without worrying about who passed, with him lying on the ground and she almost naked. After a couple of minutes, they recomposed themselves and left.

Denouncing the scenes of degradation were Massimiliano Bastoni, municipal and regional councilor of the Lega, and Silvia Sardone, municipal councilor of the Carroccio, who broadcast the video on social media and did not miss an opportunity to attack the mayor, Beppe Sala.

“A couple of South Americans intent on practicing oral sex in broad daylight next to the Central Station. What to say? Nothing, now Milan is out of control “, Bastoni’s j’accuse.” It is not the first time nor will it be the last I fear since now in this wretched city anyone can do what they want. I imagine – concluded the Northern League provocatively – that we will soon see orgies in Piazza del Duomo or Piazza Duca d’Aosta. With Sala and the councilors to assist and shrug ”.

Sardone on the same wavelength: “In Milan, in broad daylight, you can find people visibly intoxicated intent on practicing loving effusions in the open, as if nothing had happened. But where have we arrived? The city is sinking into total decay with the complicit silence of the left – said the MEP and councilor -. Other than skyscrapers, other than redevelopment, other than Milan, the international capital: our city is going through a period of considerable decline and those who administer it are responsible. As long as the political color is that of the left, unfortunately, we cannot expect anything different. The area of ​​the Central station, as is becoming increasingly evident also by looking at this video shot in via Sammartini, is completely out of control. They are teeming with toxic and harassing drunks, drug dealers, stragglers and illegal immigrants: a fixed garrison of the Local Police would be the minimum but for the Municipality the problems do not exist ”.


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