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Covid Italy, today 23,649 infections and 501 deaths: April 1 bulletin

There are 23,649 coronavirus infections in Italy today, April 1, according to the region-by-region data of the Civil Protection bulletin. In the table published by the Ministry of Health, another 501 deaths were recorded, bringing the total to 109,847 from the beginning of the emergency linked to covid-19. In the last 24 hours 356,085 swabs were performed, the positivity index is 6.64%. The patients admitted to intensive care are 3,681. LOMBARDY – There are 4,483 new cases. Since yesterday, another 127 deaths have been recorded. The healed or discharged have been 4,177 since yesterday. Among the provinces with the highest number of new cases Milan at 1,085, followed by Brescia 613, as well as Monza and Brianza at 458. CAMPANIA – There are 2,258 new cases after the analysis of 19,536 molecular swabs. There are 734 symptoms. Yesterday 4,199 antigenic swabs were also performed in Campania. There are 55 new deaths included in today’s bulletin of the Campania Region Crisis Unit, 36 of which occurred in the last 48 hours and 19 occurred previously, but recorded yesterday. The total of deaths in Campania since the beginning of the pandemic rises to 5,418. The new healed are 2,571, the total healed is 241,380. In Campania there are 160 Covid patients hospitalized in intensive care, 1,586 those hospitalized in wards. LAZIO – There are 1,838 new Coronavirus infections in Lazio. There are another 33 deaths. In the region, currently the orange zone, the Rt index is at 0.98. “Today out of over 17 thousand swabs in Lazio (+709) and over 20 thousand antigenic for a total of over 37 thousand tests, there are 1,838 positive cases (+38), 33 deaths (-5) and +1,808 cured. Cases are increasing, while hospitalizations are stable and deaths and intensive care are decreasing. The ratio between positives and swabs is 10%, but if we also consider the antigenic the percentage is 4%. Cases in Rome city are high. 900. Timid positive signs are the decrease in deaths and intensive care, but we must keep the attention high during the Easter holidays. The RT value is stable at 0.98 “, explains the councilor for health, Alessio D’Amato. “Regarding the delay in the supplies of Astrazeneca – he adds – we apologize in advance with the users if in the next few hours there should be difficulties in the regularity of the administrations not dependent on our will. We are working with the batch of released doses until exhaustion”. CALABRIA – There are 522 new coronavirus infections in Calabria according to today’s bulletin, 1 April. Also recorded 4 other deaths. To date, 631,063 subjects have been tested in the Region for a total of 671,400 swabs performed (more tests can be performed on the same subject). The people who tested positive for the coronavirus are 47,480 (+522 compared to yesterday), the negative ones 583,583. Also recorded -2 ​​intensive therapies, +207 recovered / discharged. EMILIA ROMAGNA – There are 1,809 new cases out of a total of 31,179 swabs performed in the last 24 hours. There are 67 new deaths, including that of the 11-year-old girl with severe heart disease: the death occurred on March 26 at the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna, where she was hospitalized. News of his death had already been given, but the death is only entered today in the report for the checks necessary to officially confirm the death from Covid-19. In total, there have been 11,984 deaths in the region since the beginning of the epidemic. The percentage of new positives on the number of swabs made since yesterday is 5.8%. VENETO – Coronavirus infections are 1,633 according to the region’s bulletin anticipated by governor Luca Zaia. Since yesterday, another 28 deaths have been recorded. In the last 24 hours 42,612 swabs were performed, the positivity rate is 3.83%. 2,242 people (+1) are hospitalized in the hospital. In intensive care there are 298 (-1), the other 1,944 are in the non-critical area. “The data is not that aggressive. If they are harbingers of a turnaround, they will have to be confirmed in the next few days. For now there is containment,” Zaia said. SARDINIA – In the latest update of the Regional Crisis Unit, 351 new cases were detected. 7,247 tests performed. The positive cases-swabs performed ratio marks a positive rate of 4.8% for the island. There were four new deaths (1,238 in all). On the other hand, 236 patients are currently hospitalized in non-intensive wards (+14), while 34 patients remain in intensive care. There are 14,384 people in home isolation. The healed are a total of 29,770 (+90), while the people declared clinically recovered on the island are currently 192. PUGLIA – There are 2,369 new infections of Coronavirus in Puglia according to the data of the bulletin today, 1 April. There are another 36 deaths. 13,293 swabs have been tried since yesterday. The new cases are distributed throughout the territory: 860 in the province of Bari, 150 in the province of Brindisi, 131 in the province of Bat, 562 in the province of Foggia, 291 in the province of Lecce, 374 in the province of Taranto, 5 cases of residents outside the region , 4 cases of unknown province of residence. Yesterday the new cases were 1,962 out of 13,847 tests, while the deaths were 43. The hospitalized patients are 2,115 while yesterday they were 2,100 (+15). The total of positive Covid cases in Puglia since the beginning of the emergency is 195,381. BASILICATA – There are 190 infections. The table refers to a total of 1,388 molecular swabs. Since yesterday, 2 deaths have been recorded. The deceased are citizens of Abriola and Potenza. The Municipalities with the most cases of new infections are Matera (33) and Potenza (25). There is a ‘cluster’ in the Madonna delle Grazie hospital, with at least 15 cases detected so far among patients and health professionals and other swabs are being performed and processed, following the positivity detected in a patient transferred from otolaryngology to intensive care ( he was initially hospitalized with a negative swab). Slight drop in the number of beds occupied in intensive care, from 14 to 13. Since the start of the health emergency, 282,117 molecular swabs have been analyzed, of which 259,968 were negative, and 168,803 people were tested. FRIULI VENEZIA GIULIA – There are 720 infections. Since yesterday, according to the table, another 15 deaths have been recorded. In detail, 481 new infections were detected on 8,075 molecular swabs with a positive percentage of 5.96%. There are also 3,548 rapid antigenic tests carried out, from which 239 cases (6.74%) were detected. The admissions in intensive care units drop to 81 and those in other departments also decrease to 652. TUSCANY – There are 1,631 coronavirus infections in Tuscany today, April 1, according to data from the regional bulletin anticipated by governor Eugenio Giani. “The new cases registered in Tuscany are 1,631 out of 28,836 tests of which 17,109 molecular swabs and 11,727 rapid tests. The rate of new positives is 5.66% (14.7% on the first diagnoses)”, writes Giani on social media. VALLE D’AOSTA – There are 52 coronavirus infections in Valle d’Aosta today. No deaths in the past 24 hours. The current positive cases are 929, up 27 units compared to yesterday of which 49 hospitalized, nine in intensive care, and 871 in home isolation. The healed rose to 7996, + 25 compared to yesterday, the swabs carried out to date are 96,248 + 926 of which 14,745 processed with rapid unsanitary tests. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 425 deaths of people tested positive for Covid in Valle d’Aosta. PIEDMONT – There are 2,584 new covid cases. There are another 28 deaths in the region, currently in the red zone. The new cases are equal to 6.0% of the 43,334 swabs performed, of which 29,401 antigenic. The total of positive cases therefore becomes 315,892, of which 25,673 Alessandria, 15,199 Asti, 9,841 Biella, 44,625 Cuneo, 24,504 Novara, 168,820 Turin, 11,965 Vercelli, 11,523 Verbano-Cusio-Ossola, in addition to 1,379 residents outside the region, but in charge of Piedmont health facilities. The remaining 2,363 are under development and territorial assignment. There are 376 hospitalized in intensive care, unchanged from yesterday. There are 3,887 hospitalized patients not in intensive care (+14 compared to yesterday). There are 30,484 people in home isolation. A total of 270,809 patients recovered (+2,868 compared to yesterday). MARCHE – There are 487 coronavirus infections in the Marche today, April 1, according to data from the region’s bulletin. The table relating to the last 24 hours refers to 5448 swabs tested: 2989 in the new diagnosis pathway (of which 879 in the screening with the Antigenic pathway) and 2459 in the healed pathway (with a positive / tested ratio equal to 16.3%). The positive / tested ratio is 8%. ABRUZZO – There are 272 new Coronavirus infections in Abruzzo according to today’s bulletin. The table refers to another 9 deaths, two of which from recent days but recorded yesterday. In the region since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,145 deaths have been reported. The percentage of positivity is equal to 5.5%. Non-intensive care admissions fell by one to 606, 69 one more than yesterday in intensive care, while the other 9466, 9 more than yesterday, are in home isolation with active surveillance by the ASL. Of the total number of positive cases, 15838 are resident or domiciled in the province of L’Aquila (+55 compared to yesterday), 16824 in the province of Chieti (+115), 17096 in the province of Pescara (+10), 15037 in the province of Teramo ( +105), 535 outside the region (unchanged) and 178 (-14) for which provenance checks are underway.

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