Coronavirus and Wuhan laboratory, the letter in Science from 18 scientists for a new investigation –

Coronavirus and Wuhan laboratory, the letter in Science from 18 scientists for a new investigation –
Coronavirus and Wuhan laboratory, the letter in Science from 18 scientists for a new investigation –

PARIS – THEidea that the Covid-19 has escaped the Wuhan laboratory in China it must be considered with seriousness and attention, beyond conspiracy theories. They claim it 18 leading scientists who wrote a letter in the magazine Science, asking for one new investigation and the opening of the Chinese dossiers to independent analysis: We need to take assumptions about natural and laboratory propagation seriously until we have enough data.

The appeal on Science

Stanford University biologist David Relman and University of Washington virologist Jesse Bloom believe that the question of the origins of the epidemic has not been closed by research conducted by the World Health Organization in collaboration with China, according to the which a bat coronavirus would have contaminated humans through an intermediate animal. According to the authors of the letter There is still no comprehensive explanation of how the virus passed from bat to man. The aim of this letter is to provide scientific support to the people who have the power to launch an international investigation – says molecular biology Alina Chan of MIT, co-author of the article -. They could evoke it to say that high-level scientists, in a number of relevant fields, think that rigorous inquiry into the laboratory accident hypothesis is needed.

The three university jobs on Twitter

On the same day as the intervention on Science, The world signals that they have been three university papers circulated on Twitter (a doctoral thesis and two master-level works) conducted in 2014, 2017 and 2019 at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which question the information released so far by the authorities on the knowledge and studies of the coronavirus in the Chinese laboratory. The most important revelation, second The world, concerns the study of the RaTG13 virus and its possible relationship with Covid-19.

The case of the RaTG13 virus

The RaTG13 was taken in 2013 in an abandoned mine in Mojiang, in the province of Yunan, where bats lived which in the spring of 2012 had contaminated six workers. Three of them had died after lung disease with symptoms similar to that caused by Covid-19. University papers released on Twitter from an anonymous account seem to suggest that Chinese authorities and scientists have studied these coronaviruses more than they reported after the outbreak.

The debate in the world

To return to the letter on Science, among the signatories is the microbiologist Ralph Baric of the University of North Carolina, which in 2015 he published on Nature Medicine a controversial study carried out in collaboration with the Wuhan laboratory, in which it illustrated the creation of a new virus very dangerous for humans from a bat coronavirus. The thesis of an accidental origin of Covid-19 was disqualified, in April a year ago, when it was strongly supported by Professor Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008, who later earned a bad reputation in within the scientific community. The letter on Science and the investigation of The world they do not give reason to Professor Montagnier, who said he was convinced of the manufacture of Covid-19 starting from the HIV virus, but they offer new strength to those who argue the need to conduct new and more in-depth research on the origins of the pandemic.

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