Auto, President Biden announces support for US relaunch: figures

US President Joe Biden announces a plan to revive the auto industry, with a focus on electric models.

US President Joe Biden (Photo: Getty Images)

The pandemic and the restrictive measures that have been introduced worldwide to reduce the number of infections has also generated important consequences for the economy. And the automotive sector was certainly one of the most affected, especially due to the lower purchasing power enjoyed by many families. The president of the United States Joe Biden however, it has decided not to stand by and has thus prepared a series of measures that will be able to give new life to the world of engines and beyond.

According to reports from theANSA, this will be possible thanks to the American Jobs Plan, an investment plan of 2,000 billion dollars for the relaunch of the economy and employment. Well 174 billion they should be designed to incentivize the electric vehicle sector above all to counter the successes achieved in this area by China and Europe.

Electric Cars
Electric car (Photo: Getty Images)

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Biden’s plan to revive the US auto market

To push Biden in this direction were in particular the reminders received in recent days by the Alliance for Automobile Innovation, as well as from the Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association and from United Auto Workers union. All of them agreed on the need to move quickly in order to relaunch a sector that is strongly affected by the crisis.

The president therefore said he was ready to give concrete support to national supply chains for electric vehicles. States and local administrations they will thus be able to receive contributions to be used for the installation of over 500 thousand charging stations. This, in fact, also in the USA represents an important step to be able to really push those who are about to buy a car to focus on the electric.

They shouldn’t be missing too tax incentives and discounts at authorized resellers which will benefit buyers who will focus on an electric model. the action plan should also include an adequate package of resources to be allocated for the research and development of new technologies in the automotive sector.


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