Lazio, ready for vaccinations of 55 year olds in pharmacies

Lazio, ready for vaccinations of 55 year olds in pharmacies
Lazio, ready for vaccinations of 55 year olds in pharmacies

Lazio announces the start of vaccinations for those over 55, Veneto is ready to stop everything due to the lack of doses to be administered. It is a multi-speed aspect of Italy, which Prime Minister Mario Draghi has indicated on several occasions as a situation “to be overcome” in order to tackle the pandemic more effectively. But the characteristics of the various Regions are too different to guarantee the hoped-for homogeneity. Starting with the supply of vaccines, to continue with the ability to organize administrations.

Zingaretti: “In Lazio, from 20 April vaccine in pharmacies, even under 60 years, but doses are needed”


“From April 20 we will start with vaccinations in pharmacies with Johnson & Johnson,” announced the president of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti. The agreement with the pharmacies provides that the doses start from the age group between 55 and 60 years. But that’s not all: «I can announce that since last night we have opened to 67/68 year olds. In the early hours we already have 30,000 who have booked, ”Governor Zingaretti also said. The councilor for health, however, has some doubts: «If the 122,000 vaccines of Astrazeneca foreseen do not arrive in the next 24 hours, we are forced against our will to suspend the vaccinations. I hope that this suspension will be averted. We have put into operation an imposing machine that must not stop ».


“Vaccines? We have finished them. From tomorrow we will not be able to vaccinate because our 35,000 vaccines that we make every day are far superior to the supplies we are given », Luca Zaia, president of Veneto, told Porta a Porta. The stop, assures Undersecretary Pierpaolo Sileri, who is also a guest of Bruno Vespa, will be «for a day or a few hours because vaccines are arriving. In April we will have 8 million, which means guaranteeing what Zaia is asking for. Johnson & Johnson also arrives in April ».


Today and tomorrow the vaccination hub set up at the National Museum of Science and Technology «Leonardo da Vinci» in Milan in collaboration with the San Giuseppe hospital closes. The closure determined by the fact that, having exhausted the “lists” of teachers to be vaccinated, no others have arrived for the moment from the Region despite the vials being available.

The vaccination center was active from 8 March in the Milanese museum which had also hosted the administration of the anti-flu serum. In the last few days, according to sources from the Museum, the last AstraZeneca vaccinations have been carried out on the teachers. A similar situation is taking place in several centers. Last Saturday the one in Vedano Brianza had closed again because the lists had not arrived even though there were a thousand doses in the refrigerator. The hub reopened on Tuesday but, explains Deputy Mayor Samuele Consonni, is active only in the morning given the “very low number” of people, at the moment they are caregivers, indicated in the lists. “We asked Ats to be able to vaccinate the elderly but the answer is that at this moment the planning is the same and you can’t change it”.


The inauguration of a new vaccination hub should allow Sardinia to reach the target of 15,000 vaccinations per day. The model organized by the commissioner of the Region was praised by General Francesco Figliuolo, who has been in Cagliari since yesterday and has already consulted with the doctors of the military department who, as far as we know, would have appreciated the model organized by the commissioner of the Region. Who would have already pointed out to the general the lack of personnel for the administration, a necessary condition to reach the regional target of 15 thousand vaccinations per day.


805 Piedmontese companies have given their willingness to contribute to the national vaccination campaign, responding positively to the survey launched by Confindustria on 10 March. «I want to thank all those who have joined this initiative. A further thanks goes to the presidents of the local associations, as well as to the representatives of the Young Entrepreneurs and Small Industry of Confindustria Piemonte. A team effort that places us in second place, at national level, in the relationship between population and companies willing to create vaccination centers in their plants and offices. A result we can be proud of ”, comments Marco Gay, president of Confindustria Piemonte. Altogether 1,500 premises have been made available. «Piedmont could become an experimental hub within the national vaccination campaign to speed up vaccination operations and encourage, in this way too, our economic recovery. For some weeks we have already been working on an agreement with the Region to enter the operational phase as soon as we have the indications from the Government and thus be able to help turn the page, after this dramatic year, ”continues Gay.


The Marche Region has strengthened all communication channels with the population to support the regional vaccine plan. At the opening of the new web page on the institutional website (, dedicated to vaccines and reservations, the strengthening of the toll-free number 800936677 on the Covid-19 emergency is added, which citizens can contact for be informed: the active workstations have already been doubled (from 7 to 14) and will be further increased. From tomorrow 1 April there will be 20 with 8-20 hours. A call-center dedicated to fast communications was also activated, capable of making up to 3,000 daily phone calls that operators will use, for example, to inform about new vaccination dates or any unforeseen events and to proactively provide the various types in a very short time. of personalized information. The regional toll-free number for Covid information (800.936677) is different from the toll-free number for making reservations for vaccinations (800.009966).


37,854 Apulians between 79 and 76 years old have joined the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 and have known the date, time and place of their vaccination, through the regional website, the toll-free number and the Farmacup service. The data is updated at 6 pm. There are 37,854 subscriptions on a reference audience of 129,213, equal to 29.29%.


According to data from the Italian Medicines Agency, Calabria remains last in terms of quantity of doses administered, 257,977, out of the 323,990 available, equal to 79.6%. Over 80 vaccinated are 68,950 – it is not specified how many with the first dose and how many with the double – out of about 130 thousand. Among them also a part of the 180 over eighty of Dipignano where, up to now, not even an over 80 had been vaccinated. The campaign should end tomorrow. The President of the Region Nino Spirlì during the meeting of the Regional Crisis Unit held in the presence of the Commissioner of Health Guido Longo and the commissioners of the health and hospital companies of the region, asked for a “change of gear” starting from the “timely registration in Platform of all the doses actually administered ». For Spirlì, “it is necessary to understand what are the causes of an imbalance of data between the doses received, those stored and the administrations performed”. The meeting also revealed that new high-capacity vaccination hubs will be established in Catanzaro, Corigliano Rossano and Siderno. For their functioning, an agreement is being defined with the Italian Red Cross, which will provide medical and nursing staff.

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