He escapes on ‘premium permit’ and is arrested in Milan

He escapes on ‘premium permit’ and is arrested in Milan
He escapes on ‘premium permit’ and is arrested in Milan

The carabinieri of the operational unit of Crema have tracked down and arrested a 39-year-old man (initials FM). Born in Taranto and detained in the Bollate prison, on March 15 he obtained a permit (until April 30) and moved to some family members in Ripalta Cremasca. According to the military, “in the first days of leave the man strictly adheres to the prescriptions”, then he begins not to follow them. The carabinieri of the Crema station appointed to supervise him send a first report to the Court of Milan.

At the central station

Later it becomes unavailable and the carabinieri denounce its evasion. The investigations also involve some family members. In fact, the investigators manage to trace the 39-year-old by following some relatives who had gone to the central Milan railway station, where the man was arriving from Taranto. In the meantime, the Tarantino court has issued a prison order against him for a cumulative sentence for crimes committed by Milan between 2007 and 2019 against the person and against the property.


escapes premium permit arrested Milan

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