The historic Ferrari 250 GT SWB is reborn in England

The Ferrari 250 GT it is one of the most iconic cars of its era. It is a legend among sports and racing cars of the 1950s and 1960s, and it is therefore no surprise that several companies have set to work to create modern interpretations of the Red.

After GTO Engineering, now also RML Group has presented a model that refers to the legendary 250 GT SWB of 1959.

Retro look, modern engine and interior

RML, a British company founded in 1984, has leveraged its experience as a supplier of technological components for various brands of racing cars, sports models as well as for the civil and military aeronautics.

Hence the RML Short Wheelbase, a model that combines the look of the sports car of the past with the comfort and luxury of a modern car. The design, deeply inspired by the 250 GT with retro shapes and details, hides an interior in which modern solutions are found, such as the infotainment system and air conditioning.

RML Short Wheelbase, the return of the Ferrari 250 GT SWB

The engine is a 5.5 V12 of Ferrari origin and is capable of producing 485 hp and 568 Nm of torque, all passed to the rear axle via a 6-speed manual transmission. Also thanks to the compact proportions of the car (only 4.26 meters long and 1470 kg heavy), the performance is very respectable. RML speaks of a 0-100 km / h sprint of 4.1 seconds and a top speed close to 300 km / h.

A luxury for very few

Michael Mallock, the executive director of RML, described the birth of the car in this way

We are not talking about a purely sports car. We tried to put together a total driving experience that could guarantee performance and comfort for all customers. It took three years to produce our first car. It demonstrates the value of our experience gained over time. We used advanced manufacturing techniques to deliver an exciting experience

The Short Wheelbase will go on sale in the fall of this year with a limited production of approx 30 specimens. The company has not disclosed the prices, but it is reasonable to expect important figures and a wide range of customization.


historic Ferrari SWB reborn England

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