“Reservations also for 40-year-olds from Monday”

“Reservations also for 40-year-olds from Monday”
“Reservations also for 40-year-olds from Monday”

From Monday, the Italian regions will be able to open up to vaccinations for the over 40s. The Commissioner for the emergency, Francesco Figliuolo, launches the sprint of the campaign in view of the summer, comforted by the drop in the epidemiological curve (today still under ten thousand new cases for the fourth consecutive day) and by the surge in administrations, which today exceeded 25 million, that is, equal to one third of the audience.

Lazio vaccine booking 52-53 years from Saturday: centers with AstraZeneca, Pfizer, J&J and Moderna

The umpteenth step of a road-map that seems to be moving forward and that will see, as early as June, the arrival of the vials also in companies. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Mario Draghi, during the question time in the House, called for “acceleration on the release of exports” before “arriving at a liberalization of patents”. On the other hand, the Senate approved an amendment to the Covid dl which provided for the penal shield for doctors and nurses during the emergency period. “An important signal – the comment of the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza – to those who worked at the forefront in such a hard phase and helped the country with the utmost effort and commitment”.

Lazio, second Pfizer dose at 35 days. Citizens use the TAR: “Informed consent signed for 21”

Finally, on the issue of the Pfizer recall, Ema officially confirmed the effectiveness of the second dose at 42 days, as decided for some time by the Scientific Technical Committee, and reiterated this morning by the coordinator Franco Locatelli himself. From Monday, therefore, a new phase of the vaccination campaign will officially open, to which even those born up to 1981, ie those over 40, can join. In a letter sent to the Regions, Figliuolo still recommends to the governors “the absolute necessity to continue to pay particular attention to vulnerable people, age groups over 60, citizens with comorbidities, up to guaranteeing maximum coverage ». For this reason, the start of the administration for the youngest will not start at the same time throughout Italy, but only in the regions that are already ready and that have already completed the vaccination of most of the categories mentioned by the commissioner.

Pfizer, Ema: “Call back ok within 40 days”. What changes with the second dose at 21 or 42

In the meantime, with the holidays approaching, the government is considering the possibility of allowing vaccinations also to tourists visiting regions other than that of residence. The agreement seems to be close, as anticipated by the Councilor for Health of the Lazio Region, Alessio D’Amato. “Commissioner Figliuolo is determined – he said -, there is an issue of information systems to communicate with each other, but through the national vaccination register I believe that we will get there in a short time”. The regions used 91% of the doses available to them, with Puglia, Lombardy and Sardinia among the most virtuous. And just today the distribution of another 2.1 million doses has begun, to which – by the weekend – the remaining of the planned 3 million will be added. In Lazio, the aim is to achieve herd immunity as early as August.

In Campania, on the other hand, with the arrival of another 215 thousand doses, the campaign that had suffered a small slowdown has restarted. Unusual, then, is the case of San Marino which will open to the so-called “vaccine tourism” from Monday. The double dose will cost 50 euros, with hotel reservation 7 days before the stay which must be at least three nights twice in 21 days. The initiative is open to everyone, except for Italians due to the still lack of agreement with the government. Finally, on the Pfizer front, the EMA puts an end to the dispute over the 42-day recall. “It is not a deviation from the recommendation,” explains the European Agency, explaining that in clinical trials the administration of the second dose was scheduled for up to 42 days. Information, among other things, also present in the vaccine leaflet.

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