Bologna vaccine booking: applications for those aged 50-54 – Chronicle

Bologna vaccine booking: applications for those aged 50-54 – Chronicle
Bologna vaccine booking: applications for those aged 50-54 – Chronicle

Bologna, 12 May 2021 – Recalibrate the vaccination campaign is now almost always a point on the agenda in the Ausl household.

Covid, 2 million vaccines are arriving in Emilia Romagna. Bonaccini: “Full speed ahead”

Age range 50-54

General practitioners will be able to immunize those born between 1967 and 1971 in June. From tomorrow on the Region’s website it will be possible to self-apply for vaccination. The lists will be provided to the family doctor who, after entering the candidates in his vaccination schedule, will contact the patients to communicate the date and time of the appointment. This population group is 72,700 people, but 13,900 are already vaccinated or booked for belonging to other priority categories: prophylaxis affects 58,100 citizens.


There are 6 thousand doses of Moderna which will go to general practitioners to vaccinate caregivers and school staff. Caregivers already candidates on the regional portal will be called by phone from today, to book an appointment by May, with first availability from Sunday in the district offices. On the other hand, caregivers who have not applied for themselves will be able to contact general practitioners to make an appointment in their studies. “The AstraZeneca vaccines for the conclusion of the second doses will also be delivered to the family doctors – explains Lorenzo Roti, health director of the Ausl still vaccinated and from tomorrow they will be able to contact their family doctors for an appointment “.


The Ausl, for the frail between 50 and 59 years, has already scheduled, by May, 10 thousand vaccination appointments. Therefore, those with less serious comorbidities receive a text message with a link to access the Company’s platform where they can find an appointment proposal. Messages starting yesterday.

University staff

The first doses campaign reopens also for university staff, in company vaccination centers: you can apply on the regional portal. The self-candidates will be contacted by the Ausl to fix the appointment based on the supplies.


“We have 22,000 doses in stock, but we are already expecting 30,000 doses of Pfizer today, 4,700 of AstraZeneca on Saturday and 5,700 of Moderna on 18,” says Roti.

Reservations: the numbers

At 5.30 pm yesterday 33,445 had booked. Overall bookings rose to 240,875. So far, a total of 410,072 vaccinations performed.

Second dose at 35 days

For Pfizer or Moderna recall after 35 days: the date and time of the second dose will be communicated at the vaccination site.

Outbreaks in schools: 55

“The company average of the incidence rate is 120 per 100 thousand inhabitants – observes Paolo Pandolfi, director of the Department of Public Health -, however I am still not calm, because the virus continues to circulate. In schools this week we have 55 outbreaks. active compared to 41 the previous week, so they are more widespread, even if less conspicuous “.

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