is the serial killer “monster of the Ardennes” who raped and killed nine girls –

is the serial killer “monster of the Ardennes” who raped and killed nine girls –
is the serial killer “monster of the Ardennes” who raped and killed nine girls –

He was placed in a pharmacological coma for respiratory problems and is unlikely to recover Michel Fourniret, 79, also known as the monster of the Ardennes, the French serial killer who kidnapped, raped and killed dozens of girls. Fourniret, who suffered from severe heart and mental problems, was serving a life sentence since 2008, with no possibility of a reduced sentence, for the murder of nine girls and young women over a period of 14 years from 1987 to 2001. But held responsible for another 10 murders, nine in France and one in Belgium, where he was detained.
The same life sentence was also imposed on his wife, Monique Olivier, 72, held responsible for one of the murders, and complicit in three others. In particular, the woman helped her husband to choose and capture the victims, then hiding their bodies.

He kidnapped girls with deceit

The story of the murdering spouses shocked France and Belgium in the early 2000s and in particular the Ardennes region where the atrocious crimes took place and where Fourniret was arrested in 2003 after the failed attempt to kidnap a Belgian girl in June of the same year. . In the summer of 2004, the man confessed to having killed nine girls and adolescents between 1987 and 2001. The youngest of his victims, at least according to the trial elements, Elisabeth Brichet, a 12-year-old Belgian girl who disappeared from Namur. in 1989 after playing with a friend. The dynamics with which the crimes took place were similar: Fourniret kidnapped the girls with a deception; in a couple of cases, especially with the smaller ones, he asked for help to retrieve an escaped dog, then segregated them to torture and kill them. Finally he buried them, in some cases with the help of his wife, even many kilometers away.
Nine crimes have been ascertained but the list of victims of the Ardennes monster is not yet complete because its involvement in at least other cases has not yet been proven 9 cases of girls raped and killed between 1990 and 2000 including that of a twenty year old Englishwoman, Joanna Parrish, au pair in France, whose body was found in a river on May 17, 1990.

In 2020 the last confession

In March 2020, Fourniret confessed to the kidnapping and killing of the 9-year-old girl Estelle Mouzin (who would thus become the youngest of her victims), who disappeared from the town of Guermantes in 2003. A few months ago, in August 2020, Monique Olivier confirmed that Fourniret had kidnapped, raped and killed the little girl. Olivier accompanied the investigators into the woods where, together with her husband, she would have buried the little girl. According to the French and Belgian media, it was precisely the woman’s collaboration that, over the years, made it possible to shed new light on her husband’s crimes. And it is not excluded that, after Fourniret’s disease, to which according to psychiatrists she was linked by a relationship of psychological awe, new confirmations may arrive on the murders that remained unsolved.

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