Curfew, majority and Regions push to move it to 11 pm. Iv joins the League: “We must abolish it, we will present a motion”

Curfew, majority and Regions push to move it to 11 pm. Iv joins the League: “We must abolish it, we will present a motion”
Curfew, majority and Regions push to move it to 11 pm. Iv joins the League: “We must abolish it, we will present a motion”

The thrust is unique: the curfew must be moved at 23 o alle 24. While Italy Viva agrees to League and goes further, asking for theabolition and announcing a motion in Senate. At the beginning of the week during which the control room will sift one night stop delayed and new reopening – come on shopping centers in the weekend ai weddings – the ranks of those who ask to give are widening “breath” to citizens and economic operators, given that the vaccination campaign is proceeding faster now (about 470 thousand injections per day in the past 7 days) and the infections are retreating (-23% from 3 to 9 May compared to the previous week) while Agents reports that only 3 Regions are above the alarm threshold 30 percent occupancy. And the relaunch also arrives, with the Undersecretary of Health, Pierpaolo Sileri, which considers it plausible to abolish the obligation to wear the mask outdoors with 30 million vaccinated with at least one dose. A goal that could be achieved within 3 weeks.

The Prime Minister Mario Draghi, on Saturday, he talked about “Gradualness” and steps to do “with the head”. Inside the majority there is no longer anyone to make the barricades, even if clear differences remain between those who want to take a step forward and those who, like the League of Matteo Salvini e Italy Viva with Davide Faraone, calls for the curfew to be lifted immediately and reopens everything that is still closed. “I think the time has come when you need to be so much more determined: curfew must be abolished. It needs to be much more brave in the choices now that the data allows us to do so. Many continue to talk as if the vaccination campaign was not there. If the numbers change, the game scheme must also change “, said the president of the senators of Italy Viva Faraone to La7 announcing that a motion on the verge.

“Between two weeks the 22 o’clock limit can be moved ”, reiterated a The messenger the Undersecretary of Health Pierpaolo Sileri saying no to abolition and arguing that “the Rt index must weigh less”. The expectation of the M5s exponent is that “within two weeks” all the Regions will be in yellow band and the curfew is moved to midnight. “And i restaurants they will also be able to work at Closed – adds – A mid June, when 30 million Italians will have received the first dose, then we will also see Regions in the white band ”. Then he points out that the infections “with the reopenings the new positives will increase in the coming weeks, but only for younger age groups “, as happened in UK and in Israel. The undersecretary also asked for the shopping centers to be reopened over the weekend: “I don’t see why they shouldn’t reopen in the short term,” he said. Radio 24.

Always Sileri, replying on the possibility of taking off the outdoor mask, he said: “I agree with this one hypothesis when 30 million (half of the target population) are reached with at least one dose of vaccine, it will be necessary to wait 3 weeks to have good protection, then it is clear that even the mask outdoors where there is no gathering I think it makes sense to put it in your pocket and put it back in your face when there is a crowd and risk ”.

The conditions exist for the curfew at 11pm or 12pm also according to the president of the Emilia-Romagna Region, Stefano Bonaccini, in order to “give breath to economic operators without letting our guard down in the fight against the virus ”, says al Corriere della Sera. “I am about to continue with the reopening plan already defined by the government, which in the middle of the month also included the possible revision of the current limit of 10 pm, on the basis of infections “.

Same position as Antonio Decaro, mayor of Bari and president Anci: “The curfew at 10pm is incompatible with the habits of the Italians. I hope it loosens up a bit progressively, until it is completely eliminated – said a Rainews – It is clear that if this ban was maintained at 10 pm it means that the data, which only the national health authority can interpret, advised in this sense. This summer it would be impossible to hold a curfew even at midnight. I guess it will be delayed progressively until complete elimination “. Instead, it asks for a “Attention signal” the infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli, director of the Infectious Diseases department of the Sacco hospital. “If we really open everything – he added – and in any case, there will no longer be a signal of attention, there is already no da 15-20 days and we have yet to see, at the end of the month, what the balance of the 28 days following the openings “.

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