the play-off for the Champions League at the Rossoneri-show, Pirlo crashes-

the play-off for the Champions League at the Rossoneri-show, Pirlo crashes-
the play-off for the Champions League at the Rossoneri-show, Pirlo crashes-

The Champions should be wanted, as well as deserving it. IS Milan goes to take it, going big: three goals, one more beautiful than the other to Stadium, dove he had always lost in the league; three points that are worth double, three knockout blows to an opponent who has been staggering for weeks and who will now struggle to get up. Nothing has yet been fully decided in the race for entry into the Cup, which is worth 50 million. But Juventus has lost the sense of direction, on and off the pitch: the presence of John Elkann next to his cousin Andrea Agnelli in the stands is not enough.

That of Pirlo, if it ever was, it is no longer a team in the full sense of the term. Milan is. And he still enjoys going beyond the difficulties and his own limits, treating himself to a sumptuous evening, which now should not be wasted against Turin, Cagliari and Atalanta. Juve, now fifth one point behind Napoli and at a disadvantage in the direct clash with Milan and behind for the goal difference with Napoliinstead she is no longer mistress of her own destiny beating Sassuolo, Inter and Bologna may not be enough for her. Assuming he can succeed in these conditions: a shock is needed and Pirlo is not even sure of making it to the end of the season.

To be a key challenge between two founders of the late Superlega, it cannot be said that the show is up to par. In eight months Pirlo failed to go beyond Cuadrado’s classic game change. In the first leg, Chiesa on the right had put Hernandez in crisis, but after three weeks he returns to the field on the left and never finds the right idea. Morata and Ronaldo are not holding a ball and they do not give depth. The first errors in setting up the bianconeri thus gave Milan more courage, more incisive: first Diaz, Pioli’s key choice, responds centrally to a percussion by Bentancur, then Hernandez takes off and creates two opportunities, defused. A few minutes after Diaz finds the perfect shot: Calhanoglu takes a free-kick from the right, Szcesny rejects short, the Spaniard after a rebound he gets rid of Cuadrado and with the compass he draws an impregnable parable for Chiellini on the line and for the goalkeeper, out of the poles also for a clever block by Ibra.

The slap seems to revitalize Juve, which at the beginning of the second half goes close to equalization: Donnarumma rejects Bentancur. Shortly after, however, Milan can take the game: Chiellini blocks a shot by Diaz with his wide arm in the area and Var helps Valeri to concede the penalty. Szczesny, however, with a dive to his left, sweeps away the Kessie’s limp balloon. The Rossoneri suffer the backlash, also because Ibra is betrayed by the knee and Diaz also comes out limping.

Not that Juve take advantage of it, also because Pirlo keeps Dybala in the fridge, without a reason: when it’s time to uncork the Argentine’s talent, the party is already entirely for Milan, thanks to another wonderful goal, this time from Rebic, also on the right and below the intersection, but from the line of the area. The perfect Rossoneri storm ends with a hail discharge, in the form of the Tomori’s header, who climbs into the middle of the area and deflects a free-kick from Calhanoglu. Milan shouts to everyone that they are a Champions team. Juventus no longer knows who he is. And maybe not even what he really wants.

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