Italian Speed ​​Cup at Mugello: the results of Saturday’s races

Italian Speed ​​Cup at Mugello: the results of Saturday’s races
Italian Speed ​​Cup at Mugello: the results of Saturday’s races

The first races of the inaugural round of the Italian Speed ​​Cup took place on Saturday 8 May. The participants of the Dunlop Cup, Pirelli Cup, Yamaha R3 Cup and Trofeo Italiano Amatori trophies challenged each other to compete in the sprint races scheduled for the day.

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Dunlop Cup

Round 1 awarded Travagliati Giordano in the category 600 PRO, in a race interrupted by the red flag. The wild card of the Kawasaki MRT Corse & 2R team preceded Tocca Diego (J. Angel Yamaha team), who got the 3 points for the best-lap of the race, signed in 1’58.277. Third step for Ceccarelli Matteo (Alfonsi Racing Yamaha). Between Rookie, victory for Guadagni Filippo (Team Puntomoto Corse), eighth in the overall standings; the podium is completed by Paolucci Mattia (Kawasaki MRT Corse & 2R Team) and Sighieri Niccolò (Alfonsi Racing Yamaha), involved among other things in the accident which cost the suspension of the race.

Full booty for Andrea Boscoscuro among the 1000 PRO: the rider of the TTN Racing Team Yamaha, after the pole, took the victory and signs the fastest lap in 1’54.132. Place of honor for Simone Saltarelli (Team TCF Ducati) in front of Scienza Nicola (Skimoto racing team BMW). Massimo Cavicchioli (BMW Puntomotocorse) is 11th at the finish and first among the ROOKIES, preceding Giacomelli Andrea (Team 100 HP BMW) and Peter Ennemoser with the Suzuzi of the ST squad.

Pirelli Cup

In class 600 the victory went to Matteo Samarani (Team Race – Yamaha) with an advantage of more than a second over Nicola Chiarini (Team Misano Adria – Yamaha), good at preceding Nicolò Castellini (Team Speed ​​One – Kawasaki) in the sprint. Chiarini conquered the category Supercorsa, in Diablo Rosso the winner was Emanuele Lo Bartolo (Kawasaki).

In class 1000, the victory went to Gabriele Ruiu on BMW, ahead of Alex Bernardi’s Aprilia. Third Alessio Velini, still on BMW. In the Supercorsa category, the victory went to Harald Lantschner (BMW), while Tommaso Pinna (BMW) took the Diablo Rosso classification.

Yamaha R3

In the single-make of the Iwata House, the sprint race was won by Roberto Jason Sarchi, who was only 53 thousandths ahead of Riccardo Mancini. Third, just 59 thousandths from the winner, Stefano Borgonovo. Sarchi was also the winner of the bLU cRU Junior classification, while Borgonovo won the Senior category.

Italian Amateur Trophy

A lot of action also in the Trophy reserved for Amateurs, with Mario Guarracino (Yamaha) winner of the Superior Cup and best among the over 40s. Second Angelo Raffaele Rubino (Honda), winner of the over 30 ranking, third Alessandro Rossi (Yamaha).

Francesco Amati (Yamaha) took the class 600 PRO and the related under 30 categories, preceding Roberto Ferrara (Yamaha) and Guido Ticini (Yamaha). Francesco Villani (Yamaha) was the best among the over 30s.

In 600 Base victory for Stefano Fadda (Ducati), while Marco Bollini (Kawasaki) was the best in the Rookie. The 1000 Base went to Nicola Sartori (BMW), with Leonardo Fanizzi (Yamaha) the best in the under 30, Michele Luciani (BMW) in the over 30 and Massimiliano Nicolini (BMW) in the over 40.

Fulvio Rizzi (BMW) won the class 1000 Advanced, with Fabio Gazzarri (BMW) winner of the over 30 ranking and Luca Mazza (Kawasaki) of the over 40.

Appointment on Sunday 9 May for the remaining races of the weekend.

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