Class 420 Uniqua Italia: Taglialegne-Versolatto, the third stage

Trieste, May 9, 2021 – Four tests and victory “at home” for the third stage of the Italian Cup of the 420 Uniqua Italia class, held between Friday and Sunday in Trieste, for the organization of the Sailing Company of Barcola and Grignano and of the CNT Sirena . 110 crews at the start, over two hundred boys and girls who challenged the Bora in a total of four tests.

And when the home wind commands, the crews made in Trieste respond: the overall victory of the stage, in fact, went to the mixed crew composed of Luca Taglialegne and Silvia Versolatto of SVBG, who really know a lot about gusts under the lighthouse . Second place overall for the sons of art Federico and Riccardo Figlia di Granara (Circolo del Remo and Vela Italia), followed by Ruben Lo Pinto and Federico Bossi (LNI Mandello del Lario). Next to the absolute podium the results by category: in Mixed, where the highest step of the podium goes to Taglialegne-Versolatto, second place for Tommasso Cilli and Helen Zerykier (Yacht Club Sanremo), third to Mattia Tognocchi and Carolina Tonarelli (CV Antignano ). As for the women’s teams, Roberta Bocchini and Speranza Savella (Circolo del Remo and Vela Italia) win, followed by Arianna Gargia and Silvia Galuppo (YCI) and Carolina Terzi and Viola Gentili (YC Sanremo). The Figlia di Granara brothers lead the Under 19 ranking, followed by Bocchini-Savella, while Orlando Reginato and Marcello Miliardi (YC Antignano) are in third place. Finally the youngest: among the Under 17s in the lead Flavio Fabbrini and Salvatore Peluso Gaglione (Remo and Vela Italia), in second place Camilla Ivaldi and Gregorio Credo (CV Ravennate), third Gabriele Venturino and Filippo Vulcanile (Italian YC).

“It was a great event – said the president of Svbg Mitja Gialuz – together with the Sirena we organized a national regatta with the aim of giving young girls and boys the opportunity to compete on our race course in total safety, on land and at sea. It was very positive to find again the competitive spirit, the sporting spirit in our clubs and to see many young people ready to compete at sea on a splendid and training boat, such as the 420. Svbg and Sirena have been working in synergy for years, and this regatta will remain the our symbol of recovery. As soon as possible we will start the competitive activity of the high ground, and in this case in partnership with the sailing club of Muggia. To get out of this difficult period we have to team up with all the sailing associations of the gulf: to work together and share the know-how of each one, to build a high-level sailing season ”.

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