“So many risks and a life without respite but the mayor is the best job in the world” – Corriere.it

“So many risks and a life without respite but the mayor is the best job in the world” – Corriere.it
“So many risks and a life without respite but the mayor is the best job in the world” – Corriere.it

That being mayor is a complicated job is nothing new. It was United States President Lyndon Johnson, a crunch minded one, who said that «when the burdens of the presidency seem heavier than usual, I always remind myself that it could be worse. I could be mayor“. Never before does it seem like there is great difficulty in finding candidates for mayors, especially for large Italian cities. The causes are – or should be – known. First.

Being mayor means hiring extraordinary risks: threats, complaints and risks of a legal nature. With the growth of the complexity of the city, the rooting of the representation of interests and the birth of new sensitivities regarding personal and group rights, every day as mayor is in fact exposed to risks of all kinds. Second. Being a mayor is a job that it swallows your life 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. There is no respite, ever. You are the city, always, day and night. Citizens and citizens always expect to see you and only you to respond to their requests, to represent their hopes, to overcome their disappointments, to remedy their uncertainties. All in an era in which, thanks to social media, anyone has the right to teach you a lesson on anything, in any way, at any time. Third. Living as a mayor is not easy from an economic point of view. I do not complain for me, having the good fortune of having “settled” working in the private sector, but I wonder very simply why a mayor of a large city should earn much less, just to give an example, than any deputy or senator of the Republic. And much more, as Antonio Polito noted yesterday in Corriere.

Now, it’s not that I didn’t think about all this during the long reflections that led me to the decision to reapply. But I have chosen to embrace this life again, if the voters confirm me. I have been dealing directly with Milan for more than ten years. I experienced the problems of the municipal car. I suffered the via crucis of the construction of Expo and I rejoiced in its successes. I brought its spirit to the city, leading Milan to a dimension of internationality never known before. I shared with the city, day after day, the uncertainties and pains of the pandemic. Here, I would like to tell everyone that being the mayor of a city like this – and in any case of a city – is certainly a hard experience but also a choice of happiness. I have never felt so accomplished as in these garments.

Being mayor is the best job in the world, especially if you realize that you are not the one who makes the city. It is the most beautiful job in the world especially if you understand that you are not the tip of the balance. The city is the set of wills, ambitions, solidarities that characterize the life of its community, from the small things of each neighborhood to the great strategic choices. You, the mayor, have the great privilege of having all the components of the city express their best. And above all, you have the great honor of making a synthesis and building with them the way to the future. Of course you have to accept that not everyone will agree, many will criticize, some will growl. But there is no post or derision that they take with respect to the possibility of accompanying your city towards a future of growth, equity and sustainability. Sure. It takes courage. Courage and selflessness. And the citizens of Ponteratto come to mind when they told their mayor Giuseppe Bottazzi (aka Peppone): “You are the mayor and you have to go and see what it is. If you are afraid it is another thing. However, when someone is afraid, instead of being mayor it is better to do another job ». Exactly.

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