Verstappen entered the pits not called!

Verstappen entered the pits not called!
Verstappen entered the pits not called!

There is a background to Max Verstappen’s pit stop on lap 24, as the Dutchman was leading the Spanish GP ahead of Lewis Hamilton. Max returned to the pits without a call from the team and took his mechanics by surprise who were not ready with a set of medium tires to replace the soft with which he had started.

Red Bull is usually one of the fastest teams in the pit stop and holds the record for the fastest tire change, but during the Barcelona race there was something that went wrong because the pit lane stop was 4 ”2, which is double the usual time.

Red Bull team principal Christian Horner explains what happened: “There was a misunderstanding with Max. We hadn’t called him on that lap and, therefore, we weren’t waiting for him, so the guys were unprepared when he they saw it coming. I must say that the reaction was extraordinary: in the end we lost very little time, managing to maintain our position on the track. So we managed to remedy very well ”.

As usual, Helmut Marko, Red Bull consultant, thought about giving other clarifications on the controversial episode: “There was a misunderstanding – said the Austrian – his track engineer told him: he returns on the next lap and instead Max misunderstood and took the pit lane route in that lap ”.

In the television images we saw the mechanic of the rear left coming out of the garage late and in the Milton Keynes team they were good at limiting the damage …


Verstappen entered pits called

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