TMW RADIO – Di Livio: “If he loves Juve, Pirlo must take a step back”

TMW RADIO – Di Livio: “If he loves Juve, Pirlo must take a step back”
TMW RADIO – Di Livio: “If he loves Juve, Pirlo must take a step back”

To talk about the championship day at Maracanà Show of TMW Radio was the former footballer Angelo Di Livio.

Milan, 3-0 net to Juventus:
“I saw Milan from the first round. Juve must not seek excuses but congratulate the opponent who won on the pitch. Juventus with few ideas, has never shot on goal. Now I expect something will happen. If he loves the club, Pirlo must take a step back. “

What do you think of the outburst of the Benevento director against the referee after the match against Cagliari?
“It went down hard. I understand Benevento, I understand Vigorito, the contact is there. And the penalty not given is an episode that changes the game, even if it didn’t seem very clear to me. Viola drags her right leg a little, but the contact, even if light, is there. The stay in Serie A is still to be played though “.

Rome, five to Crotone. What team will it be with Mourinho?
“His teams are never ‘special’ but tactically strong and prepared. He is different from Fonseca. My curiosity is on the market that will be made. I believe that he has had some guarantees, 3-4 experienced players will arrive. “.

What goal should it achieve?
“He has to set important foundations. There will be a lot of competition but he will have to lay the foundations for a strong team. Mourinho knows the square, I don’t think he won’t come without his usual badness. The field will tell us everything, in recent years he hasn’t done very well but each season has a story of its own. It has to start well and bring some enthusiasm. “

What should Atalanta aim for next year?
“He can no longer hide, next year he must aim for the Scudetto. Now he will have to be bold, because he has everything to win the title.”

Lazio, ko with Fiorentina that puts them out of the Champions League fight?
“After last night it’s more and more difficult. If Correa had scored, the game would have changed. He found a tough Fiorentina, who conceded very little.”

What will Inzaghi do? Why don’t you renew?
“If I wanted to sign the contract, I would call the president and sign. Why all this push and pull? Wait which Europe will it be? I don’t believe it. You have to think about the coach but also about the players.”

Could Inzaghi on the Juventus bench go?
“For me he has already signed Allegri”.

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