MV Agusta, news on the way: 950 engine, Brutale 1000 RR 2021 and a “small”

MV Agusta, news on the way: 950 engine, Brutale 1000 RR 2021 and a “small”
MV Agusta, news on the way: 950 engine, Brutale 1000 RR 2021 and a “small”

Time for news in the MV Agusta House. A new platform will soon come out of the Schiranna factory equipped with a 950 cc three-cylinder engine, a new version of the Brutale 1000 RR and a new “small displacement” engine. To anticipate all this is Timur Sardarov, CEO of MV Agusta, who spoke with the English colleagues of MCN about the upcoming news. Regarding the new 950cc three-cylinder Sardarov stated: “It is a brand new platform, with a new engine that is already being tested and will arrive in the last quarter of next year., with a model year 2023. It will represent all of MV Agusta knowledge and the pinnacle of our engineering capabilities. It will have many smart features in terms of engine performance, power delivery and torque curve. For us it will represent a fairly large milestone. There is nothing like it available on the market. It will be available in two variants: one with more power and less torque, the other with less HP, but more Nm.”

The new 950 cc platform would thus be positioned between the 798 cc three-cylinder engine, the smallest engine currently produced by the company that we find on the Brutale, Dragster, Turismo Veloce and Superveloce and the 998 cc four-cylinder of the Brutale 1000 RR and Rush. .

But that’s not all, as anticipated in the MV House will also arrive a new version of the Brutale 1000 RR (below the photos of the current version): We will see an expansion of the range and the presentation will take place in May. From this month I think that all our products will be Euro 5, including the 1000“declared Sardarov”We are introducing another variant for the 1000cc naked bikes that you will see very soon. This platform will evolve further in the future and we are working on a smaller engine platform and on one engine in particular that has a very different propulsion approach. We have three working technology platforms currently under development“.

In short, a future full of news for MV Agusta promises, we just have to wait for the next months / years to find out more.


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