TIM’s latest remodels come into effect today, May 9, 2021

TIM’s latest remodels come into effect today, May 9, 2021
TIM’s latest remodels come into effect today, May 9, 2021

We had already told you about it at the end of March, when the news became official and the information campaign had started: today, May 9, 2021, the latest changes, or rather unilateral amendments to the contract conditions, come into force for some TIM mobile network offers.

The details of the TIM remodulations of May 9, 2021

In this case, these are offers that are no longer part of TIM’s price lists – some examples are TIM Five IperGo, TIM Supreme and TIM Iron – and the remodulations provide for increases in 2 euro per month (VAT included) starting from the first renewal of the offer after today’s date.

As a result of these changes in the contractual conditions, all customers with active offers involved are having an additional bundle of 20 GB of data traffic per month from the moment the communication is received.

As had already been made clear on March 29th, there will be no change for customers of the fixed-mobile convergent TIM Unica offer, who will continue to have “Unlimited Giga” every month.

Information campaign

Of course, this new wave of remodeling does not come like a bolt from the blue: all the customers involved have been informed of the contractual changes coming through a specific communication campaign. The information channels used by TIM are:

  • SMS arriving from March 29, 2021;
  • Dedicated IVR with toll-free number 409164 from the rechargeable SIM involved;
  • Customer Service 119;
  • section dedicated to consumers on the official website (link in source).

Furthermore, since 29 March it is possible to find all the relevant information by entering the MyTIM section from the official application or from the operator’s website, or by contacting the TIM 119 Customer Service.

Exercise of the right of withdrawal

As always, in the face of a unilateral modification of the contract conditions, all consumers involved have the right to withdraw from the contract early in accordance with the provisions of article 70, paragraph 4 of the Electronic Communications Code. Alternatively, consumers can also deactivate their mobile offer entirely or switch to another.

In the present case, all TIM customers involved in this new round of remodeling can exercise the right of withdrawal or switch to another national operator, without incurring penalties or decommissioning costs of any kind, within the deadline of theMay 8, 2021.

It should be noted that customers interested in early termination of the contract are required to provide a specific one communication to TIM. The related request can be made by filling in the “Line ownership request form and self-certification of termination” directly online. Alternatively, the request – on the same form, printed and filled in – must be sent to TIM via PEC at the address [email protected], attaching the identity document of the contract holder and using as subject “Change of contractual conditions”. There is also the possibility to call Customer Service 119 or go to a TIM store (Social Shops, TIM retail, Franchisee). Are excluded Monobrand e Multibrand.

The same communication is also necessary in the event of a transfer to another operator due to the “Amendment of the contractual conditions”.

The customer who has an active contract for the purchase of a device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) with payment in installments or an offer with a restriction on staying in TIM, is required to fill in the online form “Request form for exercising the right of withdrawal “or to contact Customer Service 119 before requesting the deactivation of the offer or the termination of the line or the passage to another operator, in order not to incur the payment of penalties or deactivation costs provided for in the contract.

In case of purchase of a product through financing and deactivation of the offer or termination of the line or passage to another operator, the repayment plan provided for by the contract will not undergo any change.

In case of doubts about the procedure, it is possible to get help from Customer Service 119. There is also the possibility, for involved customers, to activate another TIM offer by entering the MyTIM personal area of ​​the official website or app, or by calling free number 40916.

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