Domenica In, Vanessa Incontrada: “Other children? Never say never”

Domenica In, Vanessa Incontrada: “Other children? Never say never”
Domenica In, Vanessa Incontrada: “Other children? Never say never”

Mara Venier, like every Sunday afternoon, he hosted in his living room Vanessa Incontrada, who talked about her relationship with her son and mother.

A touching story full of emotions, which he gave to the audience of Sunday In a portrait of the sweet and tender actress. Incontrada is currently filming Fosca Innocenti, a new fiction by Mediaset that will see her take on the role of a Deputy Commissioner at the head of an all-female team.

“Right now I’m shooting in Rome and Arezzo, close to home. When I get a job offer, I always ask how long it will keep me away from my home and my son Isàl“, He admitted to Venier. After all, the son is about to turn 13, and is in a complicated phase of his life, especially after Covid which has deeply affected the children of his age.

“He thinks about his friends now, only now he recognizes what I do and I feel great pride on his part“, He said. Vanessa showed her side as a protective mother, so much so that Aunt Mara let herself go to a question: “I see you so affectionate, with so much love to give, but haven’t you thought about having other children?”.

“Who knows, maybe it will happen – he confessed to Venier – life is something you cannot plan. Never say never, that’s not something I don’t want to accomplish. If it will be, it will be, otherwise it’s okay ”.

The actress then, on the occasion of Mother’s Day, wanted to talk about her career and the relationship with her mother Alicia. “I started with fashion because I wanted to travel: I didn’t have the obsession with being a presenter or actress, now I couldn’t do without it, it’s part of my DNA”.

To support her in her journey her parents, who have always left her free to decide on her path: “My parents have always been by my side, and above all my mother has always trusted me”. Today, that her mother is far away, Vanessa would like to live their bond in everyday life, especially for Isàl: “When you are young you have the desire to know, to do and lack does not weigh on you. Today she is missing more than before, I admit, I still need to be a daughter, to listen to her, to argue with her. Sometimes we don’t realize we take for granted that love that seems to us to last forever and it happens that we lose things ”.

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