Fly Together, the review on Nintendo Switch

What is the difference between a flight controller and a station master? Absolutely none, at least in the gaming field and limited to party games. This is the lesson you will learn today with the Fly Together review on Nintendo Switch. The title itself, moreover, should push you to turn on some light bulbs: do you by chance remember the developers of Northplay? Not too long ago (it was 2018) they released Conduct TOGETHER!, A nice indie production in which the player was called to organize and manage a growing series of trains, between stations and railway routes. With Fly Together the philosophy remains unchanged, as well as a fun that should involve friends and family; the means of transport change, becoming airplanes, and consequently we move from the plain to the open sky.

Flight controller gameplay

In Fly Together we all become gods flight controllers beginners, but the experience – as we know – comes at the end of a long period of apprenticeship. Nobody will therefore prove to be particularly punitive with you, if in the first hours of the game you take the strollers where they did not want to go, if you earn much less than expected, if you crash a plane on the nearest mountain: it happens, and at least in Fly Together nobody does it. of evil.

Fly TOGETHER! and its planes ready for anything

The gaming experience (and with it the gameplay) is the most intuitive you might think. Fly Together shows on the screen some small colored airports, and some equally colored planes: the player must select the plane, then an airport, and make sure that the means of transport arrives at its destination safe and sound; all with an on-screen timer that indicates how many seconds are left until the end of the level. Easy, right? Even the game trailers published by Northplay would like to convince you of this, and in fact at least for the first two or three worlds it is.

Fly TOGETHER !, the white lines indicate new vehicles on the way: attention!

But then things get considerably complicated, becoming more and more satisfying: every single level of Fly Together in fact (and there are more than a hundred in total) is the result of the workmanship of careful craftsmen. No detail is out of place, no path too obvious, none difficulty put there just to make up the numbers: this is even more true from the middle of the campaign onwards, when every single mistake can prevent you from reaching the third star out of the three that each level offers as a reward to the most skilled players. The mechanics of Fly Together are therefore easy to understand, fun for everyone, but they also know how to prove challenging and require particular attention for those who want to get the most out of production.

The progression: a personal airport

Fly TOGETHER !, there are those who have always wanted a personal hangar and those who lie

Fly TOGETHER !, there are those who have always wanted a personal hangar and those who lie

The progression Fly Together is branched: initially the player is shown the game mechanics – extremely intuitive – the four or five levels of the first world, the “basic” one. From here on, the buyer will choose how to continue and the next stage of the journey: the writer, for example, opted for the desert world, which clearly presented a setting (and consequently pitfalls) radically different from the mountain one. If you want you can go a little from one side and a little from the other side, completing a couple of levels here and a couple there: the important thing is to remember that, to completely complete a world and therefore move on to the next, you have to finish the journeys of the individual levels contained in each of them. The best will also be able to get all the stars of a given world, without making mistakes (or committing very few anyway).

To encourage a little replay value andobtaining the three stars in the individual levels, Fly Together provides a system of interesting rewards. Every time you take a plane to your destination, you earn coins: coins can be used to unlock, upgrade and enrich your personal airport, which is located on a separate screen from the game map. From the airport you can buy new planes (which will then be used in the levels), customize the ones you already own and much more. The characteristics of the various means of transport vary: there are airplanes that can accommodate more passengers at the same time, others faster, still others guarantee greater gains at the time of landing. These parameters are sufficiently balanced, so that there is no real unavoidable plane, but all of them turn out to be situational.

Fly TOGETHER! and its game map

Fly TOGETHER! and its game map

It must be said that possessing is not enough coins on coins to get all the planes, because the necessary blueprints are also found in the individual levels. In fact, you will notice, during the planning of travels from one place to another, small but well-kept game maps, random briefcases: some can get money, other airplane projects. Whenever you notice them, it will be advisable to plan a suitable path to collect them; at the end of the level you can open them and find out what you have unlocked.

Multiplayer mode

Fly TOGETHER !, a look at the multiplayer mode

Fly TOGETHER !, a look at the multiplayer mode

Fly Together could not miss a feature that makes it the perfect choice for an evening with friends, namely the multiplayer mode. First of all, remember that the entire career mode can be faced in the company of another person, who at any time can simply hold a Joy-Con and take control of the free planes on the screen (this perhaps also simplifies the level of general difficulty).

But there is still a dedicated mode, designed for both cooperative and competitive multiplayer (both strictly offline). In the first case, you will manage a certain number of planes at the same time, with a lot of on-screen score for who will get the best performance. In the second case, up to eight players will be able to give it to each other in an arena, complete with battles in flight and devastating powerups, ranging from cyclones to be unleashed on enemies to giant cakes to be placed in the middle of the course. Finally, let’s spend a few words of merit also for the usable controllers, that is all the existing ones: motion sensors (you can fly the planes by simply “pointing” the Joy-Con towards the screen), Pro Controller, touch screen in portable mode.

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