Spanish GP: Hamilton wins! Mocked Verstappen, Leclerc is 4th

Spanish GP: Hamilton wins! Mocked Verstappen, Leclerc is 4th
Spanish GP: Hamilton wins! Mocked Verstappen, Leclerc is 4th

Nothing stops Lewis Hamilton, who takes the success in the Spanish GP. Nothing to do for Verstappen, third Bottas. Concrete race for Ferrari, with Leclerc 4th and Sainz 7th.

Grande Leclerc at the start

Starting immediately high temperature, with Verstappen aggressive at the first corner to take the first position with an attack inside Hamilton, who widens the right to avoid contact. Great Leclerc, which brings home a masterpiece overtaking outside Bottas in turn 3. Ricciardo and Perez also do well, gaining two positions against Ocon and Sainz. First laps of study a bit for everyone, until the seventh lap Tsunoda’s AT02 falls silent in turn 10: a dangerous point that requires the commissioners to use the safety car for four laps. The only one to stop in the neutralization regime is Giovinazzi, which, however, sees his race partly ruined due to a very long pit stop (a tire on the new train was sagging and the mechanics only notice it when they remove the electric blanket). The Italian loses so much that when the race restarts he has not yet managed to rejoin the group. In the meantime, there is also a 5 “penalty for Gasly, guilty of having positioned himself outside the starting square on the grid.

Bottas su Leclerc with l’undercut

At the restart there are frozen positions, with the exception of Stroll who takes advantage of a long from Alonso at the first chicane to get under and pass the Spaniard with an excellent maneuver on the outside of turn 4. In front the positions do not change, with a great Leclerc to keep behind Bottas, until the pit stop carousel begins: Verstappen goes to the pits on lap 24 (medium tire for him), four passes ahead of Lewis, inside on lap 28 to put the average too. Nothing to do for Leclerc, with Bottas succeeding in the undercut on lap 23, with Ferrari preferring to postpone the first stop at that point in an attempt to end the race with a single stop.

Winning move for Lewis

The degradation on the track, however, is quite high, and so Mercedes chooses to immediately play the card of the second stop with Hamilton, with the Englishman who after the first stop had quickly returned to the Red Bull exhausts, but without being able to pass : number 44 goes back to the pits on lap 42 (until then only the two Aston Martins had opted for the double stop) and puts on medium rubber, immediately pushing hard. Red Bull has no choice but to stay on track (Lewis would have passed in front of the Dutchman’s second stop), but the Englishman’s times are exceptional. Bottas, who rose momentarily to 2nd place, obviously does not oppose the arrival of the foreman, who continues in a hunt that ends at round number 60: wake, Drs and nothing to do for Verstappen, which sees Lewis bitterly stripping him on the main straight. To the Dutchman the point of the fastest lap, obtained after the pit stop made after being overtaken by Hamilton.

Sainz is 6th

In the race of the others, Leclerc can do nothing against Bottas, who finished behind after the second personal stop (the Finn passes easily taking 3rd place), but the Monegasque is still very good at taking home a very valuable 4th place, also in front to Red Bull’s Perez, which by stopping a second time effectively removes all worries from the Reds, which in fact will make the number 16 stop in the final. Behind the Mexican Ricciardo, Sainz, Norris, Ocon (difficulty in the final for the Alpine, with the French who undergoes three overtakes from the three drivers who precede him on the finish line) and Gasly, who in the final tussle for 10th place manages to win.

Lewis, what numbers

Having said the results, the numbers. Which are increasingly great for Lewis Hamilton, who today took victory number 98 of his career, the third of the season and the sixth in the Spanish GP. As for Barcelona, ​​another record set by the Englishman, who equaled his idol Senna in terms of consecutive successes on the same circuit: the Brazilian won in Monte Carlo continuously in Monte Carlo from 1989 to 1993, and so did the number 44. in Catalonia, where it has been winning for five consecutive editions, i.e. from 2017 to today.

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